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GOG Connect: Add Steam Games To Your GOG Library

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"You own the games, so why buy them more than once?" asks GOG Connect's tagline, which totally seems fair enough. GOG Connect, you see, is a new initiative from the CD Projekt Red-owned distribution platform that allows users to add some DRM-free Steam games to their GOG libraries. Find out what it's all about after the drop.

So, in order to connect your Steam library to your GOG one, you'll need to sign into an active Steam account via the GOG Connect page. Doing so is a permanent, non-reversible process so be mindful of that if you flutter between more than one Steam account at any given time. Any previously purchased games that are eligible for the switch are detailed on the Connect page, and are said to be "limited-time offers made possible by participating developers and publishers."

What that means, then, is that the duration of eligibility varies from game to game. And if the thought of restrictive time limits sounds like a bit of a pain, you might be happy to know once you've imported a game, it's yours to keep thereafter - even if it's no longer eligible for import. A handy wee designatory clock tacked onto each game's thumbnail lets us know how long we've got to make the changeover.

A comprehensive Q&A can viewed over here, however the response to the following question is probably the most helpful: Do I get to use my Steam save files in their GOG.com versions?

"As a rule of thumb - yes. Save files are generally compatible across distribution platforms although there may be exceptions to the rule. Keep in mind that your Steam cloud saves will not be automatically transferred or backed up.

"Make sure that you choose to keep your save files if you're uninstalling a game (or have a backup on hand) and you want to continue your progress with the GOG.com version of your game."

Playing GOG versions of games with Steam friends "depends entirely on the game", adds the Q&A, and for now cloud saves, achievement and friends lists are non-transferable.

At the moment, there are 21 games available via Connect including the likes of Braid, FTL: Advanced Edition, Mount & Blade, Project Zomboid, The Witness, To The Moon, and VVVVVV. Check out those and the rest over in this direction.

In other GOG-related news, they're hosting a sale which is running from right now until June 6.

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