December 2022 Archive

    1. Cult Of The Lamb's first major update will overhaul combat to add depth
    2. There are now over 7000 "playable" games on Steam Deck
    3. Steam Mystery Fest will offer discounts and demos in February
    4. What are your video gaming ambitions for 2023?
    5. The RPS Selection Box: CJ's bonus games of the year 2022
    6. The RPS Selection Box: Alice Bee's bonus games of the year 2022
    7. OPUS: Echo Of Starsong is so much more than a pretty visual novel
    8. The eighth RPS Christmas Cracker 2022
    9. Sennheiser's legendary HD 599 open-back headphones are down to £87 on Amazon
    10. Wordle answer (Saturday 31 December)
    1. Samsung's 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 SSD is down to £98 for a 1TB heatsink model
    2. Alice0's favourite posts of 2022
    3. The RPS Selection Box: Alice0's bonus games of the year 2022
    4. Citizen Sleeper made me realise that I don't really need Starfield
    5. The seventh RPS Christmas Cracker 2022
    6. Wordle answer (Friday 30 December)
    1. The Ryzen 5600 is much better value than the 5600X - especially with this deal
    2. Fast and cheap: Sabrent's 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD hits £78 at Amazon UK
    3. Outpath: First Journey is a free demo that's like Forager in first-person
    4. New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 trailer shows combat and grumpy chats in the Zone
    5. Yet another Activision Blizzard studio has formed a union
    6. Dishonored and its excellent DLC is free to keep from Epic this week
    7. Our favourite RPS features from 2022
    8. The RPS Selection Box: Katharine's bonus games of the year 2022
    9. The RPS Selection Box: Rebecca's bonus games of the year 2022
    10. 2022 has been a fantastic year for mystery games
    11. The sixth RPS Christmas Cracker 2022
    12. Wordle answer (Thursday 29 December)
    1. The best value Steam Deck memory card is down to £37 for 512GB
    2. Plug in all the things with this 12-gang power tower
    3. Every last RPS Bestest Best review of 2022
    4. The RPS Selection Box: Rachel's bonus games of the year 2022
    5. An open letter to cute NPC companions
    6. The fifth RPS Christmas Cracker 2022
    7. Wordle answer (Wednesday 28 December)
    1. Rakuen followup Mr. Saitou coming March 2023
    2. Trombone Champ is best experienced via videos by its creative modders
    3. AMD's Ryzen 5 7600X is down to £249 on Amazon
    4. This advanced Samsung USB-C 128GB flash drive is a great deal at £12
    5. Archer Maclean has passed away, aged 60
    6. Steam Replay offers a Wrapped-style recap of your 2022 in gaming
    7. The best Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato build
    8. The best Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun (Baal) build
    9. Our favourite RPS videos from 2022
    10. The RPS Selection Box: James's bonus games of the year 2022
    11. The RPS Selection Box: Ollie's bonus games of the year 2022
    12. In praise of Ghostwire: Tokyo's animals - especially the cats
    13. The fourth RPS Christmas Cracker 2022
    14. Our 24 favourite games of 2022
    15. Wordle answer (Tuesday 27 December)
    1. Wordle answer (Monday 26 December)
    2. The games that defined 2022 for the RPS guides team
    3. The RPS Selection Box: Ed's bonus games of the year 2022
    4. In defence of Cyberpunk 2077's constant phone calls
    5. The third RPS Christmas Cracker 2022
    1. Grab an RX 6700 XT graphics card from Amazon for £390
    2. Get a SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ wireless headset for PC and PS5 for £79
    3. The second RPS Christmas Cracker 2022
    4. Wordle answer (Sunday 25 December)
    1. The final RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 24th
    2. Cosy games with a touch of menace are perfect for getting into the Christmas mood
    3. The first RPS Christmas Cracker 2022
    4. What are we all playing this holiday?
    5. Wordle answer (Saturday 24 December)
    1. GTA Online's Christmas treats include being mugged by The Gooch
    2. You can now prance about as an overpowered deer in neat survive 'em up 20 Minutes Till Dawn
    3. RPS is hibernating for the holidays, see you in 2023!
    4. "There's no real need" to turn games into movies, says Death Stranding movie director Hideo Kojima
    5. Have You Played... The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit?
    6. For the first time in history, a non-Adams brother is now working on Dwarf Fortress code
    7. Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild With an Alice, hand in hand
    8. Rush Rally 3 adds a bracing shot of simulation to retro thrills
    9. All the games I wanted to review this year but didn't get time for (yet)
    10. How to weaponise a roast turkey, and other Baldur's Gate 3 Christmas questions
    11. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 23rd
    12. Supporter podcast - The Nate Files episode 14: eggs is eggs
    13. Reality Bytes: Was 2022 a good year for VR?
    14. Should you simulate a Witcher 2 save in The Witcher 3?
    15. The Witcher 3 Netflix DLC
    16. Wordle answer (Friday 23 December)
    1. Three years later, The Division 2 is heading to Steam
    2. Steam's winter sale is underway with thousands of discounts
    3. Retro JRPG Chained Echoes is getting a New Game Plus mode
    4. Befriend fishfolk and upgrade ships in Sail Forth
    5. Have You Played... Alt254?
    6. A trio of classic Fallout games is today’s free Epic Games Store offering
    7. Terrify medieval peasants by riding a Monster Hunter mount in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla
    8. Dracula Cha Cha has turned Green Door into a Christmas song (and an RPS Christmas tradition)
    9. Another hotfix for The Witcher 3's next-gen update should make Geralt more stable
    10. Which PC gaming scent do you want as a shower gel or perfume?
    11. WoW: Dragonflight’s roadmap sets out zones, raids, and surprises for 2023
    12. The femme creatives who built Immortality, and how they did it
    13. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 22nd
    14. Gloomwood's last update for 2022 opens the doors to its dodgy tavern
    15. Portal with RTX is a flawed diamond of a ray traced remaster
    16. Half-Life 2 reimagining Raising The Bar: Redux releases its next chapter soon
    17. Wordle answer (Thursday 22 December)
    1. Marvel Snap's latest location is a bit busted
    2. Blizzard's Dragonflight trial lets WoW subscribers try a spot of swooping
    3. Distract guards by flushing toilets in this free little Thief homage
    4. Take Two have taken down Goat Simulator 3's ad with leaked GTA 6 footage
    5. Alchemy sim Potion Craft has the best crafting system ever concocted
    6. Have You Played... The Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes: The Case Of The Serrated Scalpel?
    7. Lego Builder's Journey is the next free game from the Epic Games Store
    8. What's better: seasonal events, or dynamic snow?
    9. Ten CoD players have launched their own lawsuit to stop Microsoft buying Activision-Blizzard
    10. Nab yourself a Gingerbread Bastion skin for just one Overwatch coin
    11. Blacktail is the kind of 00s adventure throwback that I want to see more
    12. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 21st
    13. Disaster Band turns the Trombone Champ formula into a mini orchestra
    14. You'll be able to tame and ride the galaxy's wacky beasts in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor
    15. 24 free indie horror treats lurk behind the doors of the Madvent Calendar
    16. Warzone 2's Building 21 is locked down after a “significant infiltration”
    17. Wordle answer (Wednesday 21 December)
    1. Underwater citybuilder Aquatico challenges you to build Rapture in January
    2. Be a gecko and climb on any surface in The Gecko Gods
    3. Wolfenstein: The New Order is free to keep right now
    4. Risk Of Rain Returns will remaster the classic 2D roguelike next year
    5. There's "a lot of stuff" still coming to Baldur's Gate 3 - including a big secret
    6. How to monitor your PC's CPU temperature
    7. Have you played… Control?
    8. Kickpunching brawler Sifu is coming to Steam in March
    9. How to overclock your GPU
    10. Classic point-and-click adventure Broken Sword: Director’s Cut is free on GOG
    11. Modern Warfare 2 suplexes Christmas with festive multiplayer makeover
    12. Escape From Tarkov goes dungeon-crawling in Dark And Darker
    13. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 20th
    14. The best builds in The Witcher 3
    15. Classic FPS Star Wars: Dark Forces has gotten a well deserved glow-up
    16. The Witcher 3’s next-gen update hotfix revives PC performance, though issues remain
    17. Stranded: Alien Dawn is on a mission to disrupt what we know about survival sims, and it's working
    18. The next game from Paratopic’s devs has a tropical Paradise Killer feel
    19. Wordle answer (Tuesday 20 December)
    1. Tootle around Techtonica's demo, an upcoming underground automate 'em up
    2. Them's Fightin' Herds trots out as today's Epic Christmas freebie
    3. Riot are attempting to pull out of a sponsorship deal with a bankrupt crypto company
    4. The PC gaming hardware year in review, 2022 edition
    5. Duelyst 2's free public beta revives Duelyst's cracking chess-like card play
    6. Have you played... Aviary Attorney?
    7. Epic Games settle Fortnite privacy and purchase complaints for $520 million
    8. Sonic Frontiers is popular, but it's a boring Sonic game - and I'm bitter about it
    9. Skeal reflects the power, pleasure, and pain of all our Christmasses
    10. A fresh hotfix means The Witcher 3's next-gen update might work now
    11. Wielding a Buster Sword controller for Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a workout
    12. Wordle answer (Monday 19 December)
    13. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 19th
    14. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: cute frogfishing, handcrafted horrors, and cryptid photography
    15. Microsoft could introduce a cheaper, ad-supported Game Pass tier
    16. Sci-fi adventure Sable is the latest Epic Games Store free game
    1. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 18th
    1. The Knight Witch is a witchcore Hollow Knight, with splashy combat and cosy characters
    2. Relax with these five hour-long soothing scenes in Minecraft
    3. John Carmack says Meta "constantly self-sabotage" their own VR efforts
    4. Costume Quest 2 is free to keep from the Epic Games Store right now
    5. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 17th
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    7. Wordle answer (Saturday 17 December)
    1. Brace yourselves, the Steam Winter Sale begins December 22nd
    2. Amazon's piratical MMO New World opens its frontier for a free weekend
    3. Intriguing medieval tactics 'em up Inkulinati launches Jan 31st
    4. Hunt down elves for double XP in Deep Rock Galactic's Christmas event
    5. If FF7 Rebirth does one thing better than Remake and Crisis Core, please let it be this
    6. Guerrilla confirm their rumoured online Horizon game is indeed real
    7. The Vampire Survivors DLC is exactly what I want: more Vampire Survivors
    8. Wavetale's watersliding delights could fill a game on their own
    9. The best swords in The Witcher 3
    10. Grab NZXT's H510 Elite PC case for $80 after a 50% discount
    11. Turning off High On Life's endless gun chatter only reveals an even more mediocre FPS
    12. Have You Played... Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II?
    13. Grab our best value PCIe 4.0 SSD choice at a hefty UK discount
    14. The Witcher 3 combat tips
    15. Build small, tiny, very little cities in The Block, out now
    16. Hold onto your BB, Death Stranding: The Movie's been greenlit
    17. The Witcher 3 romance: All romance options and endings
    18. Valve want to make another Steam Controller happen
    19. The Witcher 3 tips and tricks for beginners
    20. Best weapons in Immortals Fenyx Rising
    21. Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Hephaistos walkthrough
    22. Immortals Fenyx Rising Ajax's Fort walkthrough
    23. Immortals Fenyx Rising map
    24. How to increase your Stamina in Immortals Fenyx Rising
    25. How to climb faster in Immortals Fenyx Rising
    26. Immortals Fenyx Rising photo mode
    27. Immortals Fenyx Rising Midas Temple puzzle walkthrough
    28. How to swim faster and further in Immortals Fenyx Rising
    29. Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Ares walkthrough
    30. Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Athena walkthrough
    31. Immortals Fenyx Rising mounts
    32. Immortals Fenyx Rising Vault of Aphrodite walkthrough
    33. Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to get more Pomegranates
    34. Immortals Fenyx Rising Skills & Godly Powers
    35. Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to change your appearance
    36. Immortals Fenyx Rising Odysseus's ship puzzle
    37. Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to solve the 12 chairs puzzle
    38. Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to solve the cabbage puzzle
    39. Best Gear in Immortals Fenyx Rising
    40. Immortals Fenyx Rising ending: Vault of Typhon walkthrough
    41. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 16th
    42. Retired Blizzard veteran Chris Metzen is coming back to Warcraft
    43. Henry Cavill could be making a Warhammer 40K TV show with Amazon
    44. Modding Duke Nukem 3D into a joke about English culture can be good for your mental health
    45. Wordle answer (Friday 16 December)
    1. After 8 years, Hack 'n' Slash players have finally solved a secret room puzzle
    2. Epic Games Store kicks off 15 days of free games with one of the best rated games (on Steam)
    3. Melatonin offers lofi beats to tap in rhythm to
    4. SteelSeries' Arctis Nova 7 gaming headset is down to £104 after a 30% discount at Currys
    5. Solve your storage problems permanently* with this 18TB HDD discounted at Amazon UK
    6. Saints Row IV's forced Re-Elected "upgrade" has broken players' saves and added bugs
    7. The next Tomb Raider will be published by Amazon Games
    8. Call Of Duty: Warzone 2's DMZ mode now lets eliminated players swap sides
    9. Destructive heist sim Teardown adds free mini-campaign of art crimes
    10. A Little To The Left is giving out free festive puzzles for Christmas
    11. Today’s Warhammer 40K: Darktide update brings a new map and targets stability
    12. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 15th
    13. Amazon are making a God Of War TV show
    14. Starfield’s faction quests are more like Skyrim than Fallout
    15. Lil Gator Game review: a heartfelt adventure about childhood antics
    16. Minesweeper and Tetris combine in Minesweeper Tetris, free on Steam
    17. Wordle answer (Thursday 15 December)
    1. CD Projekt Red say they're working on fixes for The Witcher 3's PC update
    2. Best Chimera loadout in Warzone 2
    3. GTA Online's Drug Wars update sets you up with an acid lab truck
    4. The Witcher 3 next-gen update tested: worse performance, even without ray tracing
    5. Blow up bleeding statues in the fiery hellscape of Hunt Showdown's latest event
    6. Baldur's Gate 3 pops in Paladins with Patch 9, out now
    7. Why Hyper Demon's devs suggest you slow down to speed up
    8. What's better: becoming overpowered, or a chunky manual?
    9. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2's approach to raiding is for everybody
    10. The Monster Train devs' new roguelike has the snappiest turn-based combat I've seen
    11. Warhammer 40K: Darktide review: brilliantly grisly co-op
    12. Subnautica’s 2.0 update cribs improvements from Below Zero and fixes "over 800" bugs
    13. Crisis Core's ShinRa Mansion has more secrets than just yoinked Getty Images art
    14. The Old Republic update sends you Mandalorian hunting on the beigest planet in existence
    15. Tesla update puts Steam in their cars, so you can crash in games instead
    16. Jagex are buying the Scum devs
    17. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 14th
    18. The Witcher 3’s next-gen update is borked, so here’s how to roll it back
    19. Wordle answer (Wednesday 14 December)
    1. The excellent SN770 SSD is going cheap at the WD UK store
    2. Grab this unusual 90-key UK mechanical keyboard for £42
    3. Chop Goblins releases retro FPS three weeks early, blames it on cat
    4. Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion review: polished story filler that's a missed opportunity after FF7 Remake
    5. Blizzard have got their Overwatch 2 hotfixing tool up and running
    6. Medieval mouse RPG Ghost Of A Tale is free in GOG's Winter Sale
    7. Vampire Survivors-likes need to cut through the clutter
    8. It is time to listen to Christmas Pain In Christmas Town
    9. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 13th
    10. Robert Yang’s latest is a free romance that channels Brokeback Mountain
    11. No, seriously, you should disable the 2K Launcher for Marvel’s Midnight Suns
    12. You probably don't have the RAM for Returnal's recommended PC spec
    13. Wordle answer (Tuesday 13 December)
    1. $101 for a 2TB SATA SSD is kind of wild
    2. AMD's powerful Ryzen 5700X CPU is down to $190 at Ebay
    3. Marvel Snap's community infographic includes a Black Panther with over 8 million power
    4. FromSoftware aren't aiming for "Soulsborne type gameplay" in Armored Core VI
    5. Warzone 2.0 gets a temporary Rocket League mode on Wednesday
    6. Miyazaki says they're working on "several more things" for Elden Ring
    7. Synced is a roguelite looter shooter that struggles to stand out
    8. AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT and Radeon RX 7900 XTX review: rise of the reds
    9. Unciv is a free, open-source take on Civilization 5 that's coming to Steam
    10. Ubisoft say nah, no Steam Achievements for Assassin's Creed Valhalla
    11. Fortnite's "highly addictive" nature being challenged in court
    12. Valve delist The Outbound Ghost on Steam after its lead developer says don’t buy the game
    13. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 12th
    14. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: an island castle and climbing a creature
    15. Wordle answer (Monday 12 December)
    1. Wordle answer (Sunday 11 December)
    2. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 11th
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 10th
    2. What are we all playing this weekend?
    3. Wordle answer (Saturday 10 December)
    1. This 256GB Micro SD card costs just £15.67
    2. Grab Logitech's MX Master 2S wireless mouse for blissful gaming and working
    3. Hunt Showdown's upcoming event will set the world on fire
    4. Steam's TurnBasedFest packs some great deals for digital board games
    5. Like the greatest RPGs, Space Wreck is made to be broken
    6. The RPS Alternative Game Awards Awards
    7. Sometimes a spiritual successor is more promising than the sequel you wanted
    8. Portal with RTX has popped onto Steam, but good luck running it
    9. Ultimate Audio Bang #28: will Warzone 2 stand the test of time?
    10. Fallout 76's Wasteland Theatre Company just did A Christmas Carol
    11. Barney returns tomorrow in Chapter 4 of Black Mesa's Blue Shift mod
    12. Bathhouse management sim Spirittea launching on Game Pass next year
    13. Choo-Choo Charles review: off the rails survival horror
    14. Armored Core VI's use of grey could inspire a new generation of carpet
    15. [Pre-emptive backlash to backlash to positive reviews for Judas]
    16. Hades 2 is here to remind you that Hades is still the worst dad ever
    17. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 9th
    18. Post Trauma's strange world is a throwback to PSX survival horrors
    19. New The Lords Of The Fallen trailer is giving major Dark Souls vibes
    20. Every new PC trailer from The Game Awards 2022
    21. New Tekken 8 trailer brings the family drama and a new roster
    22. Chuck Norris, Kim Basinger, and Danny Trejo star in a new co-op heist FPS
    23. Immortals of Aveum is EA's new magic-slinging FPS, out next year
    24. Remnant 2 features a big mouth on legs, and I’m a little scared
    25. Move over Keanu, Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty expansion is all about Idris Elba
    26. FromSoftware return to mechs with Armored Core VI: Fires Of Rubicon
    27. Final Fantasy 16 is definitely hitting PC in 2024, but crikey, it's going to be worth the wait
    28. Dead By Daylight devs unveil post-apocalyptic PvP game Meet Your Maker
    29. Gears Tactics studio Splash Damage are making a Transformers action game
    30. The Flash has another terrible day in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League's latest trailer
    31. Diablo IV is coming on June 6th, 2023
    32. Space Marine 2 trailer shows off the sequel no one expected
    33. Life Is Strange and Vampyr devs announce action RPG about "ghost hunters and lovers"
    34. Survival MMO Dune: Awakening's latest trailer is much spicier than its reveal tease
    35. Celeste devs announce gorgeous new platformer Earthblade
    36. Company Of Heroes 3 has "no plans to support crossplay between PC and consoles at launch"
    37. The Last Of Us Part 1 resurrects on PC on March 3rd 2023
    38. Amazon Games are bringing another anime as heck MMO to the west
    39. Star Wars: Jedi Survivor trailer shows off new moves and a release date
    40. Classic text adventure remake Colossal Cave will launch early next year
    41. Battle Chasers: Nightwar devs unveil new online action RPG Wayfinder
    42. Nightingale's closed alpha tests revealed one glaring omission: doors
    43. The time to play Baldur's Gate 3 is nigh with full release due in August 2023
    44. Ken Levine’s new game Judas looks a lot like BioShock Infinite in space
    45. Nightingale gets magical flying umbrellas in its latest trailer
    46. Death Stranding 2 is official and has an adorable new BB Boy
    47. Destiny 2: Lightfall almost looks good enough to make me forget the grind
    48. Hades 2 is real and has instantly set the bar for upcoming roguelikes in 2023
    49. Hellboy’s getting a new game for the first time in 15 years
    50. Replaced still looks rad in its latest gameplay trailer
    51. Dead Cells is getting Castlevania themed DLC in 2023
    52. The rumours were true, Returnal is coming to PC
    53. Wordle answer (Friday 9 December)
    54. Atomic Heart continues to look increasingly boombastic in new trailer
    55. Diablo IV developers allege mismanagement, crunch and disturbing creative decisions in new report
    1. Days Gone studio "do not share" former director's views on its critical reception
    2. Building cute villages and castles looks easy in this gentle indie game
    3. Valorant and League Of Legends join Game Pass next week with all characters unlocked
    4. The FTC are suing to stop Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard
    5. GTA 5's Nervous Ron returns in GTA Online's trippy next update
    6. Liveblog: The Game Awards 2022
    7. The next game from Desperados 3 devs has more in common with Metal Gear Solid V than you might think
    8. Shadow Tactics and Desperados 3 devs want to leave the real-time tactics genre behind
    9. How to watch The Game Awards 2022
    10. Pretty bicycle adventure Season is out in January after some internal studio trouble
    11. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is one massive tutorial and it gives me great joy
    12. Wordle outright won Google this year
    13. The Callisto Protocol's PC patches restore it to full "yeah, it's alright" glory
    14. Forspoken’s getting a demo soon
    15. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 8th
    16. Looks like Street Fighter 6 has been accidentally confirmed for June 2023
    17. Wordle answer (Thursday 8 December)
    1. Grab AMD's incredible Ryzen 5800X3D gaming CPU for $300 after a $150 discount
    2. Valheim's Mistlands update now lets you wield magic in the fog
    3. Crucial's P5 Plus NVMe SSD is down to £91 at Amazon UK
    4. TF2's community Smissmas update hands out stockings and new maps
    5. Elden Ring's new PvP arenas all have different rules
    6. GTFO is bringing back every campaign, continuing today with "cult classic" Rundown 2.0
    7. Gabe Newell shrugs off Microsoft's legal commitment to keep Call Of Duty on Steam
    8. What's better: randomised item stats or saving everyone?
    9. C&C Remastered dev’s new WW1 RTS is aiming for a very different kind of tactical victory
    10. Dwarf Fortress review: the legendary colony sim gets a welcome facelift for Steam
    11. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 7th
    12. Wordle answer (Wednesday 7 December)
    13. The best Genshin Impact Arataki Itto build
    14. The best Genshin Impact Yanfei build
    15. The best Genshin Impact Gorou build
    16. Ixion review: an intricate management sim wrapped in a stirring space opera
    1. Satisfactory now lets you create blueprints and play in peaceful mode
    2. Dead Island 2's showcase was mostly just a bad live action short film
    3. Vampire Survivors is getting DLC inspired by Japanese folklore next week
    4. Elden Ring is opening PvP colosseums in a free update tomorrow
    5. This 1TB Kioxia NVMe SSD is down to £54.99
    6. This Core i9 Dell gaming laptop is down to $1169.99 after a $1030 discount
    7. Here are the Witcher 3 mods supported by the next gen update
    8. Dwarf Fortress is available on Steam right now
    9. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 6th
    10. QA workers at ZeniMax are also organising a union
    11. Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 is free to keep right now
    12. Wordle answer (Tuesday 6 December)
    1. The Razer Viper Ultimate is down to $60 with its fancy charging dock
    2. The ultimate laptop NVMe SSD, the SK Hynix Gold P31 2TB, is down to $146
    3. The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King was made using Tiger Woods
    4. Temtem's 1.2 update lets you skip training and jump straight into PvP
    5. Overwatch 2's new Season 2 additions are a delight, but don't expect the meta to change
    6. Gwent won't get any new cards after 2023
    7. Sneak a peek at this cutscene from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf
    8. Twang your lute as you explore a musical land in this cute indie game
    9. The FTC now look likely to approve Microsoft's Activision-Blizzard buyout
    10. The Callisto protocol disincentivises learning, and you can't patch that
    11. Kynseed review: a promising RPG, but not all its promises are fulfilled
    12. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 5th
    13. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: stylish action and squishy shrooms
    14. Wordle answer (Monday 5 December)
    1. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 4th
    2. Wordle answer (Sunday 4 December)
    1. Farlanders is a turn-based citybuilder about terraforming Mars
    2. Harmonix's music mashup maker Fuser is being delisted from sale
    3. Blizzard Albany QA testers vote unanimously in favour of unionising
    4. The Callisto Protocol now has a patch which aims to address the stuttering issues
    5. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 3rd
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    7. Wordle answer (Saturday 3 December)
    1. Google have started issuing refunds for Stadia games and hardware
    2. Chaotic card game Munchkin mooches onto Steam
    3. The Callisto Protocol has a roadmap, but right now it's broken down for everyone
    4. Portal writer says people at Valve like his "pretty awesome" idea for Portal 3
    5. Immortal Tactics is perfect for chunky lunchbreak hexfighting
    6. Warhammer 40K: Darktide players are narked about the game’s monetisation
    7. Collector Tokens, new cards and nerfs hit Marvel Snap
    8. Here are all the RPS supporter articles available to both Standard and Premium subscribers
    9. Applications for the next round of RPS's work experience programme for ethnic minorities are open!
    10. The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 2nd
    11. Michael Madsen teases Game Awards reveal for 505 Games, for some reason
    12. Activision Blizzard appeal against Blizzard Albany QA union vote rejected
    13. Monster Hunter Rise and Lego Star Wars are coming to Game Pass
    14. The Callisto Protocol review: could be silly, bloody space fun if it ran on PC
    15. Wordle answer (Friday 2 December)
    1. Pick up a big tube of thermal paste for a little more than a fiver
    2. Grab an Xbox Wireless Controller for $40 after a $20 holiday discount
    3. Battlefield 2042 updates will continue in 2023 with season five confirmed
    4. Sonic Frontiers is getting new playable characters in 2023
    5. Path Of Exile goes roguelike with the Forbidden Sanctum expansion next week
    6. Path Of Exile 2 is coming in 2023, and we'll find out more at Exilecon in July
    7. Free-to-play racer Disney Speedtorm has been delayed until 2023
    8. Today's Google Doodle celebrates video game pioneer Jerry Lawson by enabling you to make games
    9. Amnesia returns in 2023 with new WWI sandbox horror
    10. Company Of Heroes 3's dual campaigns are a gripping mix of old and new
    11. The Rally Point: The 25 year patch of Emperor Of The Fading Suns proved me wrong
    12. Best Minibak loadout in Warzone 2
    13. Best MX9 loadout in Warzone 2
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