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GTA Online's Drug Wars update sets you up with an acid lab truck

Plus no more easy Cayo Perico heists

GTA Online has kicked off the Los Santos Drug Wars, launching six new story missions where you help some hippies chase down the equipment they need to set up a mobile acid lab in their truck. I say hippies, I mean bloodthirsty thugs who happen to like psychedelics.

The update has also increased security for the popular Cayo Perico heist, which was one of the main ways people earned their money, so folks are understandably grumpy. Maybe they can sell some acid instead?

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Those thugs call themselves the Fooliganz, and have rocked up in town with dreams of "climbing to the top of the Southern San Andreas criminal food chain". As an extra incentive to help them on their way, developers Rockstar are doubling any GTA$ and RP you earn for completing their missions before December 21st.

You might well need that money, because robbing Cayo Perico is now much harder. Guards now sound the alarm when they see dead bodies, which players are cross about because there's currently no way of moving them. I can understand wanting to avoid funnelling players towards a too-easy heist, but those players do have a point. Maybe future updates will find a happy middle ground.

The update also adds a bunch of new cars, and Rockstar say "new vehicles, world events, and gameplay updates" will arrive over the coming weeks and months. Check out the patch notes for more.

GTA 5, which includes access to GTA Online, is on sale for £13/$22/€22 on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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