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24 free indie horror treats lurk behind the doors of the Madvent Calendar

Every day, something new (and likely horrible)

While our RPS Advent Calendar has been counting down to the reveal of our favourite game of the year, another advent calendar has brought far spookier treats. The low-fi indie developers of the Haunted PS1 community have another Madvent Calendar this year, offering another 24 small horror games and oddities released daily. So far, these have ranged from an extreme snowboarding murder game to a pleasant little online social network where you leave messages for other people by decorating plants and plaques in a sunny courtyard. A lovely thing, and free!

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Madvent Calendar 3: Necrosis is available free from Every day in the lead-up to Christmas, it unlocks a new game. Every day, a new surprise.

Will today bring a first-person shooter with horrible meatmonsters in a snowy forest? Or a series of surreal nightmares? Or a spooky walking simulator? Or a snowboarding game which looks like SSX right up until you whip out your machete and start chopping down other snowboarders? Or a turn-based combat RPG? Or... While the Madvent Calendar is an advent calendar in function, it's also good to think of it as the big tub of Quality Street. It has enough variety that likely you won't enjoy everything, but you'll be pleased by the experience and really dig some.

One of my favourites is a game about trying to escape buildings by finding weak spots to tear open the walls of reality like wrapping paper, while dodging a horrible static entity. It has a very good moment with breakable baubles scattered across the ground.

And as Haunted PS1 are so good at, the entire thing is wrapped in a pleasing launcher.

While you can now jump in and play the first 21 days (sorry, I should've posted this sooner), I would recommend pacing yourself. Spread it out. Savour the variety and surprise. Don't burn out on it. Hey, you could even go back and play the first and second Madvent Calendars across January and February. A little cheer and fear while the light creeps back in. Merry Solstice, everyone!

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