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Hunt Showdown's upcoming event will set the world on fire

Aw hell

Some men just want to watch the world burn, and that includes me. The Devil's Moon event for excellent cowboy swamp simulator Hunt Showdown kicks off on December 14th, no doubt sending players off to squish environmental objects for points that unlock new weapons and cosmetics in the manner of previous events. This one is different, though, in that it also introduces a "wildcard condition" called Inferno that sets large swathes of the map on fire. It is dramatic. Come see.

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Fuck me, that's some good trumpet.

Hunt has had weather conditions for ages, smothering the map in fog whenever I choose a Sparks sniper rifle, but huge firestorms are new. Developers Crytek haven't made it clear if you'll load in to see the map engulfed in flame or whether it'll happen mid-match, and I hope it's the latter while expecting the former. It's a treat either way, with familiar routes blocked off by infernos and the whole scene basking in burnt orange.

Crytek have also given us a peek at the new unlocks, which include "new Weapons, Variants, Legendary Rewards, Charms, and more". It's only taken me a handful of rounds to unlock new weapons from previous events, so hopefully the same will be true here. The legendary hunter cosmetics on show in the trailer above will likely take many hours more.

If you like multiplayer shooting and haven't yet tried Hunt, you should. It's one of the best FPS Games, as well as one of the best battle royale games and one of the best multiplayer games. It's just one of the best games, hands down.

You can bag Hunt Showdown for £36/$40/€40 on Steam.

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