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Genshin Impact Arataki Itto: everything we know so far

Arataki Itto release date and character details

When will Arataki Itto be coming to Genshin Impact? Arataki Itto is an upcoming playable character in Genshin Impact whose imminent arrival as a potential party member is causing a great deal of excitement, and let's not pretend we can't work out why.

Itto has the distinction of being the buffest dude yet to appear in Teyvat, and for many players the fact that he has elected to dress in a rare male variant on bikini top armor is the basis of his appeal. And hey, you'll get no judgement from me for that. But if you want to know a bit more about how he's going to function as a playable character — including release date and banner info, combat stats, and recommended builds once more details emerge — then read on; we'll be keeping this page updated as we learn more.

Arataki Itto: release date and banner info

Arataki Itto will be coming to Genshin Impact as a playable character with Version 2.3. While we can't yet confirm this next bit for certain, it seems highly likely that he'll be available on the update's first banner beginning November 24th. Not too long to wait, in other words.

Itto is a 5* character, which tells us that he will be a rare (and quite possibly time-limited) pull from the gacha. However, as a featured character he will enjoy an increased drop rate on his event wish banner.

It is worth noting that every other 5* character from Inazuma to date has had a limited run of availability lasting just two or three weeks while their event banner was active, so while we can't confirm this about Itto just yet, it seems like a reasonable prediction.

Arataki Itto: Elemental Power, Weapon, and Constellation

Details about how Itto will function in combat are vague at this early stage, but we do know a few things. He's associated with the Geo element and wields the Claymore weapon type, and his Constellation is Taurus Iracundus (which means Raging Bull).

It's not much to go on right now, but there is one concern I've seen floating around that I can allay. Despite the fact that Arataki Itto has previously existed as a lore character who had been stripped of his Elemental Vision, his playable version will have access to all his Geo powers. To say more would be to provide spoilers for the game's Inazuma questline, but rest assured that Itto won't be disadvantaged in this regard.

Arataki Itto's introduction panel in Genshin Impact. Text reads: "Hanamizaka Heroics: The First and Greatest Head of the Arataki Gang".

Arataki Itto: lore and backstory

The recent announcement of Itto's addition to the game is the first time we've seen what he looks like, but he has been present in Genshin Impact as a lore character since Inazuma was added in Version 2.0.

Itto is the leader of the Arataki gang, a rebel group within Inazuma. Despite his fearsome appearance and gruff demeanour he is, by most accounts, a great big sweetheart really, albeit one with an impetuous nature. A misunderstood bad boy, if you will. Be still the fandom's collective beating hearts.

His only real beef is with Kujou Sara, and while I'm not going to get into spoilers or fictional politics here, his reason for disliking her seems pretty justified, since she's the one who took away his Elemental Vision. Given that Sara herself has been a playable character since Version 2.1, I can only imagine how much tasty drama is going to be had from pairing these two up in a party.

That's all we know about Arataki Itto for now, but check back for more news as we get it, plus a full best build guide for him once the character releases! Plenty of players are already predicting that Itto is going to become one of the game's SS-Tier characters, and while there may be a smidgen of bias at play there, he is looking pretty powerful, so check in with our Genshin Impact character tier list to see what the competition's like!

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