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How to get more wishes in Genshin Impact

How to earn and buy Genshin wishes.

Genshin Impact's gacha system allows you to use 'wishes' to unlock new characters and weapons. They don't come as easy as you may want though, and if you're after that specific new party member or fancy piece of kit, you'll want to gacha as many wishes as humanly possible. Here's how to get more wishes in Genshin Impact.

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How to get more wishes in Genshin Impact

A few different methods can be used to get more wishes. Some are free, others less so, but you gotta pay the price for those fancy 5-star weapons and characters.

At any given time, there'll be a few different types of wish you can purchase. To see them, go to the Paimon menu and select 'Wish'. From here, you can see all the available wishes - there are permanent ones and limited-time wishes, all of which have different top prizes. Pick out the one you want and select 'Wish' in the bottom right to confirm your purchase. By selecting 'Details', you can see the probabilities of receiving each of the digital goodies and their rarities, as well as a full list of everything on offer so you make sure you order the right pack.

Spend real money on in-game currency

Of course, it's real easy to get sucked into spending real money on Genshin Impact. Regardless of the around 1% probability (including guaranteed four star plus pulls) for a five star item, I bloody love a slot machine.

The game doesn't force you to spend real money of course, but it's helpful if you want the best gear. If you do want to do this, go to the 'Shop' menu in the top left of Paimon's menu. From here, click crystal top-up and purchase the number of crystals you want. These can then be exchanged for primogems at a one-for-one rate, which can then be used to purchase more Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate, the actual currencies needed to purchase more wishes.

Use your currencies

There is an absolute mountain of currencies in Genshin Impact. It's honestly kind of comical. However, some of them are really useful for unlocking more wishes. Primogems and Stardust are the two main ones here.

You can earn primogems both by spending real money, as above, or by carrying out most activities in the game's world. Check out our page on how to get more primogems for more on this. Primogems can be used to purchase pulls on the gacha machine. It comes to 160 primogems per attempt, although the 10-pull guarantee carries over if you do this one at a time.

Masterless Stardust can be earned as a leftover from wishing. It allows you to purchase in-game items monthly, with a limit on how many of each you can get. At time of writing, it costs 75 Masterless Stardust to purchase one Acquaint or Intertwined Fate, and you can buy five a month. So basically, you can't get absolutely mountains of prizes just by opening them, but I usually got around 15 Masterless Stardust per attempt, so you can get bonus chances after it's stacked up a bit. To do this, go to the 'Shop' menu and select 'Paimon's Bargains'. Then, pick 'Stardust Exchange' and all the swaps you can make will be right in front of you.

Get free rewards

Free wishes can be earned through the game's Mail system. Being a new phenomenon, Genshin Impact wants to give you as many reasons to get hooked as possible, so check out the 'Mail' function on the left hand side of Paimon's menu (press Esc by default). Here, you'll find various milestone freebies, like 10 Acquaint Fates to celebrate 10 million global pre-registers. They aren't permanent though, so check back in your mail regularly for more when they do come out, and take advantage of any existing ones before they're gone.

That's all for our guide on how to get more Wishes in Genshin Impact! We'll have more Genshin Impact guide coverage soon enough too, so don't worry if you're stuck. Meanwhile, why not check out Graham's thoughts on why Genshin Impact is a surprise banger?

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