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Genshin Impact - all currencies explained

There's a lot of currencies in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact has a comical number of different types of currency. Unlike most free-to-play games with multiple currencies, Genshin Impact has a bizarrely large number of ways to buy things in-game. It's okay though, I've got you. Let's explain all the different currency types in Genshin Impact and what they're useful for.

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Genshin Impact: all currencies explained

When you first boot up Genshin Impact, it might be best to just avoid thinking too hard about the currency aspect of the game. Get involved in the world to see if you're vibing with it for the long run. Having said that, there are a load of features that need a variety of currencies to get the most out of them, so we've put together all the info you'll need to understand all the Genshin Impact currencies and what exactly they do.

Fates for Wishes

Acquaint and Intertwined Fates can be exchanged for Wishes. For more information on this, have a look at our page on how to get more Genshin Impact Wishes, but for now, all you need to know is that they can be exchanged for various kinds of currencies, including Primogems.

Acquaint Fates are used for the standard Wishes, including the Wanderlust Invocation and Beginners' Wish. As far as I can tell, these remain present throughout the game, and the Wanderlust Invocation can be seen as the basic version of a Wish.

Intertwined Fates, on the other hand, are used for special event Wishes. Previously, they could be used for the chance to unlock Venti, but these events change constantly. At time of writing, the Sparkling Steps Wish can be used for the chance to unlock Klee as a 5-star pull. Of course, there's always the chance you get absolute rubbish from your Fates, so don't put too much hope in them.


Primogems are one of the main premium currencies in Genshin Impact. You can earn them through various means, from exploring the world to completing missions - check out our Genshin Impact Primogems page for more information. Put simply, Primogems can be used to purchase Fates, which can in turn be used to buy Wishes.

Genesis Crystals

How do you purchase more Primogems? Well, Genesis Crystals can be purchased for real-life money in the 'Crystal Top-Up' section of the Shop menu. These are exchangeable at a 1:1 ratio for Primogems. Here's how much you can purchase - you also get a first-purchase bonus where the number of Genesis Crystals you get is doubled, encouraging you to bulk-buy at the start.

  • 60 Crystals - £/$0.99, €1.29
  • 300 Crystals - £/$4.99, €5.49
  • 980 Crystals - £/$14.99, €16.99
  • 1980 Crystals - £/$28.99, €32.99
  • 3280 Crystals - £/$48.99, €54.99
  • 6480 Crystals - £/$99.99, €109.99


Mora is basically 'gold' in the world of Genshin Impact. It's used for a whole host of things, including buying standard goods in shops like food and recipes. You'll also need Mora to level up your weapons and characters, so make sure you have some in reserve to go along with your level-up items.


Sigils are local currencies gained by going on expeditions in a certain area. They can be used to make purchases at souvenir shops for gear like level-up material, constellation activators, and weapon ascension material, and can even be exchanged for Mora if you're running low.

Stardust and Starglitter

Stardust and Starglitter are earned from Wishes. Stardust is the less valuable version, and is earned 15 at a time when you take a pull on the gacha machine. Head into 'Paimon's Bargains' in the Shop menu and click the 'Stardust Exchange' tab to pull up your options on what you can buy with your Stardust.

As well as Wishes from Acquaint and Intertwined Fates, you can get EXP material, Mora, insignias, and more by exchanging your Stardust. Of course, for most people the Wishes will be the target, but it's worth remembering you can only buy 5 of each kind of fate each month (currently for 75 each) before you have to wait until the first day of the next one.

Starglitter is a little bit fancier. You earn it from duplicate Wish pulls of more valuable items - I got some for my extra copy of Kaeya. It costs five of these for a single Wish, and there's no limit on the number you can buy per month, but you can also purchase specific characters and weapons if you stockpile a lot of them. Not all characters are available, but at time of writing I'm able to get Razor for 34 Starglitter.

Stella Fortunas

Stella Fortunas are also gained from getting character duplicates from Wishes. They're character-specific currencies that upgrade that character's constellation. Use it by heading into the 'characters' menu, selecting the relevant one, and clicking 'constellation'. This gives the character extra unique abilities - my Kaeya now has 'Excellent Blood', which improves his crit rate against enemies affected by Cryo.

Original Resin

Original Resin is used to reap rewards from various sources in Genshin Impact. You'll need it to earn rewards from Ley Line Outcrops, Abyssal Domains, and some bosses. Depending on the mission, it costs different amounts of Resin to claim your reward:

  • Ley Line Blossoms - 20 Resin
  • Abyssal Domains - 20 Resin
  • Elite Bosses - 40 Resin
  • Weekly Bosses - 60 Resin

Original Resin replenishes by one every eight minutes, but you can make it increase more quickly with other currencies. If you've found any Fragile Resin, this can give you an immediate 60 Original Resin, and with Primogems you can replenish your Original Resin six times per day at an increasing cost. Here's how many Primogems you'll be charged with more Resin replenishes in a day:

  • 1st - 50 Primogems
  • 2nd - 100 Primogems
  • 3rd - 100 Primogems
  • 4th - 150 Primogems
  • 5th - 200 Primogems
  • 6th - 200 Primogems

That's all for our bumper currencies guide for Genshin Impact! Be sure to check out more of our guides on the game though - we have one explaining crossplay and cross-save in Genshin Impact, as well as advice on earning more Wishes for characters.

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