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Grab our best value PCIe 4.0 SSD choice at a hefty UK discount

The 2TB Crucial P3 Plus is down to £128 at Amazon UK.

The Crucial P3 Plus is our best cheap PCIe 4.0 SSD for gaming, so I'm happy to report that the giant 2TB model is down to a modest £128 at Amazon UK. This isn't the lowest price it's ever been - it was £119 once before - but it is still an excellent price for a high performance PCIe 4.0 SSD and well below its £182 RRP.

Why's it so cheap? Well, it's stock from Amazon US, which means we get to benefit from cheaper tech prices over in America but still retain the customer service and other accoutrements of a UK purchase. The price is all-inclusive, ie it includes duty and import tax, and this is paid by Amazon before they ship the drive to you. In some cases, the duty may be below what they estimate, and in those cases you'll get a small refund on delivery - which did happen the last time I ordered one of those drives. So that's neat!

Otherwise, our coverage of the P3 Plus linked above should tell you all that you need to know. The P3 Plus greatly outperforms the WD Black SN570 SE, our previous pick for this budget PCIe 4.0 category, with its combination of TLC NAND memory and a DRAM-less design providing a winning combination in terms of performance per pound.

If you're using the drive for your OS and/or for gaming, this is an ideal pick, but if you anticipate using it for heavier operations - think video production and other content creation that involves a lot of data - then a design with a DRAM cache will allow for greater sustained performance; something like Samsung's 990 Pro would be recommended here.

That just about does it for this one, so thanks for reading and I'll catch you for one more deal before I break for the weekend!

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