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Steam's winter sale is underway with thousands of discounts

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Have you considered that the real pleasure of PC gaming lies in buying games, installing them, and then playing them for one hour or not at all? If so, then good news! The Steam winter sale has begun, offering discounts on thousands of games you can add to your backlog.

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The sale runs from today until January 5th at 10 am PT/1pm ET/6pm GMT over at the Steam store.

From a glance at the Steam homepage: Sony's cinematic hack-and-slasher God Of War is 40% off, as is Square Enix throwback tactical RPG Triangle Strategy, while modern indie greats like Unpacking and Noita are 30% and 50% off respectively. Even the already-cheap Vampire Survivors manages a 20% discount, reducing its price to £3.19.

To endorse just one deal, I'd go for Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy 65% reduced down to £17.49. It came out last year, surprised everyone by being actually good, but still undersold. It's got good found-family vibes and would be a nice game to cosy down with over the holidays.

Not that I've completed Guardians Of The Galaxy. Normally at this time of year, I lament how few games I've played for a substantial number of hours over the previous 12 months. No more! My New Year's resolution, if I had one, isn't to tackle my backlog or finally plow 60-hours into whatever blockbuster I meant to get round to. It's to accept that games are things I dabble with. I will play a lot of games in 2023 and I will play most of them once and never again and that's fine. No more "backlog".

The Epic Games Store also have a winter sale underway, during which they're giving away 15 days of free games. Today's freebies are a trio of classic Fallout games.

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