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Kickpunching brawler Sifu is coming to Steam in March

More info on a free arena mode update, too

Martial art fest Sifu will make its way to Steam in March 2023 together with a new free update, devs Sloclap have revealed. From the snippets Sloclap have shown, the update will have a new arenas mode that seems to be similar to combat challenge maps from the Arkham series. A new patch, 1.16, has also gone live for Sifu today to duff up some pesky crashes and bugs, although patch notes haven’t been released yet. You can watch the teaser for the arenas mode update below.

Cover image for YouTube videoSifu - Official Arenas Mode Teaser Trailer (Xbox, Steam Reveal)
Sifu's getting a free arenas mode update.

The punching game landed on the Epic Games Store as an exclusive back in February, and Sloclap have been releasing seasonal updates since. Arenas mode was originally targeted for winter 2022 in the Sifu roadmap shared in April, but it seems that slipped a little into next spring. Sloclap haven’t shared much yet about what you’ll do in arenas, other than punch and kick opponents to test their kung fu against yours. All we know is that completing the arenas unlocks “a massive new modifiers batch” that doubles the number in the game, and gives your character some alternative moves. There’ll be new cheats and outfits, too.

We gave the brawler a Bestest Best in our Sifu review for being a unique twist on classic action games. “If you get good enough at Sifu, you could probably run through the entire game without dying once," Jai Singh Bains said. "It’s the ultimate, get annoyed, put the game down, come back later and make tons of progress, type of game. I will say though, at one point, I was so frustrated with myself I thought I was going to eat my controller.”

Sifu dropkicks its way onto Steam and Xbox in March 2023. You can already pick it up on the Epic Games Store and PlayStation.

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