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Turn Sifu into The Matrix with these four mods

Early 2000s Mod Scene Resurrections

I spent many years in my teens watching and rewatching The Matrix, and when I wasn't rewatching the film I was downloading The Matrix mods for every early-00's action game. Maybe it's the new film, or maybe it's just the perfect game to add Keanu Reeves to, but recent kung fu brawler Sifu now has a cracking pack of Matrix mods that add Neo, Agent Smith, new fight sound effects, and recolour the world green.

You can see the mods in action in this video by their creator:

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Matrix Mods Pack [Sifu Mods Showcase]

It's actually four individual mods, all created by user Halfmillz. They are Neo (The One Suit Physics), which adds cybersaviour Neo and his flowy coat in place of Sifu's aging protagonist; Agent Smith To All Enemies, which replaces every enemy in Sifu with Agent Smith; The Matrix Combat Sound Effects for movie-accurate whip and smack; and The Matrix reshade, which paints the screen green.

Halfmillz also recommends a couple more mods created by user KangieDanie to round out the experience. Those are the Matrix UI mod, which adds the movie font to the game, and the not-strictly-Matrix-related Enemy Spawner, which ups the enemy count and makes it possible to recreate the Burly Brawl. All of these links go to Nexus Mods.

When all grouped together, these mods look great. I am nostalgic both for The Matrix movies and for that era when I spent weeks playing Max Payne with the Kung Fu mod and Max's model swapped for Neo. (I am not at all nostalgic for Path Of Neo or The Matrix Online, no).

Even without the mods, Sifu seems great on its own, with Jai ending his review by specifically requesting a Matrix spin-off. Well, here it is.

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