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Sifu's final update this September will add new modifiers, arenas, outfits

One last life

Sifu, the martial arts brawler, will receive one final update this coming September. It'll add six new locations to the Arenas mode added back in March, plus 27 new cheats and modifiers and 75 additional challenges. There's a trailer below.

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The Arenas are all "story-inspired", which I guess means they're based on locations from the main game, and the update will also add two new outfits to dress your character up in.

"This update will wrap up more than a year of continuous support through free updates," wrote the official Sifu Twitter account, yestesrday. Those post-release updates have been substantial, as the trailer above brags about, adding difficulty options, a replay editor, among other things.

Arenas were added alongside Sifu's arrival on Steam after a period of Epic Games Store exclusivity. They're single spaces in which players fight against escalating waves of enemies, and they're kind of thing Sifu can support entirely because its precise, timing-based melee combat is such a joy that you don't need any story around it to enjoy yourself.

Our Sifu review praised it for always feeling fair despite its high difficulty. I will add that, as a fighting game dummy, I was still able to have fun with Sifu even before the difficulty modes and modifiers made it more accessible. It's currently discounted during the Steam summer sale, too.

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