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Sifu's final content update is live with new arenas, challenges and a custom mode

Cheat your way

Kung-fu brawler Sifu's final update is out now. It mostly adds new content for previously added modes, including 75 Challenges, six Arenas, two Outfits and 27 cheats and modifiers. There is also a new Custom Mode, however, which lets you "play and replay the Arena Challenges with your own twist."

Sifu's final update trailer.Watch on YouTube

Previously the campaign had been the only way to experience Sifu's martial arts, but an update added Arenas back in March. They're spaces - some derived from the campaign, some new - in which you can complete specific challenges and try different modes such as wave survival, king-of-the-hill and time attack.

It's welcome news that the final update expands all of the above, and the custom mode is of particular interest. It lets you play an Arena with your own selection of modifiers or cheats, or with a modifier randomiser that'll choose for you.

Otherwise, be warned, the full patch notes say that, in response to community requests, "this update was designed to cater especially to the needs of more seasoned players, and they will only be able to unlock new challenges after successfully completing previous ones."

I've played a bit of Sifu, but a seasoned player I am not. Still, I enjoyed my time with it once I started to get a handle on all the systems it fails to explain - much as Jai Singh Baines enjoyed it in our Sifu review.

Sloclap have said they will continue to support Sifu with patches to fix bugs as necessary, so this is only the last new content update, not necessarily the last patch altogether.

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