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The Callisto Protocol has a roadmap, but right now it's broken down for everyone

Maybe it'll be fixed by Feb

If you want to get spooked in space, you're probably best off avoiding The Callisto Protocol for now - unless you want to face the horror of stuttering framerates. Hordes of people on Steam are reporting the same issues that Alice Bee did in her review, plonking Callisto's rating into Mostly Negative. Developers Striking Distance Studios have acknowledged the issue and say they'll drop a patch later today to fix it, but we'll see.

They've also revealed their post-launch roadmap, so hopefully it'll run well enough by February for you to enjoy the New Game+ and Hardcore modes.

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The PC tech issues are indeed widespread, as Digital Foundry also report above. They say the issues are down to it not precompiling its shaders, which they know because the stuttering goes away if you replay a section you've already suffered through. No PC is immune, apparently, so don't go in thinking everything will be peachy even if your rig is beefy.

Here's that roadmap, announcing New Game+ and Hardcore mode will be added in an update on Febrary 7th. If you buy the Season Pass that's also when you'll get a new skin collection, which sounds meagre but is at least appropriately macabre terminology for a horror game. Season Pass owners will also get the "Contagion Bundle" in March, the "Riot Bundle" at some point in Spring, then new story content in the Summer.

Alice wound up playing on PS5 to finish her Callisto Protocol review, where the stuttering stopped but her reservations did not. "The big problem is the combat controls", she said, while also finding the scares tame and the tentacles lame.

You can buy The Callisto Protocol for £50/$60/€60 on Steam, but if you do that then you haven't been listening, have you?

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