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The Callisto Protocol's latest patch adds a New Game+ mode

Sorry, New Experience+ mode

The Callisto Protocol had a rocky launch, with plentiful bugs, performance issues and a paucity of graphics options on PC. Some of those issues have been resolved in post-release updates, and yesterday another new patch arrived with more fixes and a New Game+ mode.

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Version 3.01, released yesterday, will allow those who have previously completed The Callisto Protocol to access a New Game+ mode. There's no detail on how exactly it modifies the game versus your first playthrough, but you'll be able to collect "all weapons, upgrades and Callisto Credits" from the first Reforge station according to the patch notes.

Other updates in the patch include general performance improvements, some crash fixes, and a handful of smaller adjustments.

Even if it had run perfectly, Alice B's Callisto Protocol review wasn'y wholly sold on the game. The issues ranged from how seriously it takes itself to its combat controls:

On a scale of Babadook to Dog Soldiers, I know where I'd put The Callisto Protocol, is what I'm saying. That's not a bad thing. I genuinely really like Dog Soldiers, and if anything I'd have liked The Callisto Protocol a lot more if it took itself less seriously in that respect. You can have rooms full of unguarded sawblades and spikes to whomp enemies into, and make the player collect loot by stamping on bodies, or you can have the menu read "New Experience" instead of "New Game". I think to do both is giving an inconsistent vibe.

So really this patch adds a New Experience+ mode.

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