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The Callisto Protocol wraps things up with its first and only story DLC next week

Stompin' time

The Callisto Protocol will be getting its first and only bit of story DLC next week, which Striking Distance are describing as the game's "heart-pounding final chapter". Entitled Final Transmission, a short teaser trailer has been released giving us a look at what protagonist Jacob Lee will be getting up to, but it doesn't really show us all that much. There seems to be some kind of fleshy robot monster that says he'll "never escape," but that's all we've got to go off right now.

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You can expect the DLC to release on June 29th. That's next week for those of you who decided to pick the game up on PC despite its severe stuttering issues on launch. PlayStation players, on the other hand, will be able to pick it up 48 hours early on June 27th. Lucky them, depending on how you feel about the game.

This isn't the only DLC the game has received, but it is the only piece that has any new story content. March saw the release of a new Contagion Mode, for example, which essentially just makes the enemies stronger, resources scarcer, and adds in permadeath - your classic hardcore mode, in other words. Heading to Steam, though, will show you that this particular DLC wasn't very well received by players, with several of the negative reviews noting disatisfaction with having to pay for death animations and a permadeath mode.

May then saw the release of its Riot Mode, which is essentially The Callisto Protocol's take on an endless wave mode, so nothing particularly revolutionary there either. Hopefully Final Transmission will have a bit more meat on its bones by comparison.

Alice Bee's review of the game left her feeling disappointed overall, and that's before taking into account the issues surrounding the PC release. Later patches did eventually make the game slightly more ship shape, but a smoother experience still doesn't negate the feeling that Dead Space did all this more effectively over a decade ago.

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