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Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to get more Pomegranates

Learn where to find Pomegranates in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Pomegranates are a very vaulable ingredient in Immortals Fenyx Rising, as they are your primary source of healing, and can be used to brew powerful health potions for use in battle. But you can burn through your stock of Pomegranates quite quickly, and it can be tough to know how best to get more of them. This guide will walk you through how to get more Pomegranates in Immortals Fenyx Rising, and where to find the highest concentrations of Pomegranates on the Golden Isles.

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How to get more Pomegranates in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Pomegranates are generally found in two forms: in baskets around statues and other points of interest; and growing on trees on the western side of the map, in Aphrodite's and Athena's realms. Certain small areas may have larger than usual concentrations of Pomegranate baskets, but I've found by far the best method of obtaining more Pomegranates is to find a particularly rich forest of trees with Pomegranates growing on them.

My favourite spot for farming Pomegranates is a patch of forest in the Valley Of Eternal Spring just below the river that leads up into Gaia's Soul. I've highlighted the area below:

A screenshot of part of the Immortals Fenyx Rising map. Highlighted is an area with a particularly high concentration of Pomegranates.

These trees are filled with Pomegranates to pluck for your brewing needs, and there's a Vault of Tartaros right next to it (The Path To Erebos) which acts as a Fast Travel point for easy access. If you use a Heavy Attack on the tree itself, all the Pomegranates will fall to the floor, allowing you to collect them with ease.

Pomegranates will respawn after some time away, so you can use this area more than once. I'd also recommend you pick up the Telekinesis Gathering skill as soon as you can, because it allows you to automatically collect all nearby ingredients when you collect one. This makes picking Pomegranates from trees much faster and less laborious.

Love's Embrace armor

The other thing I'd strongly recommend is that you equip the Love's Embrace armor whenever you go Pomegranate farming. This wonderful piece of gear gives you a chance to gather an extra ingredient. So a single Pomegranate can instead give you two Pomegranates. As you level up your gear, this percentage chance will increase.

The Love's Embrace armor can be found in the Epic Chest directly south of the Hall of the Gods:

A screenshot of the map with the location of the Love's Embrace armor highlighted.

With these two techniques combined, you'll never be lacking in the Pomegranate department again. Now, why not stop by our guide on the best Immortals Fenyx Rising skills & Godly Powers to pick up early on?

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