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Immortals Fenyx Rising photo mode explained

Learn how to use Immortals Fenyx Rising's photo mode

Want to know how to take screenshots using Immortals Fenyx Rising's in-game photo mode? Immortals Fenyx Rising has recently released on Steam for the first time, giving a whole new audience of players a chance to take in the beautiful sweeping vistas of the Golden Isle. Immortals Fenyx Rising allows players at any point in the game to open up a robust photo mode to capture great moments.

If you're struggling to understand any particular aspect of the photo mode, you've come to the right place. Our Immortals Fenyx Rising photo mode guide will walk you through how to use the game's powerful photo mode, and where to find your photos after taking them.

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How to take photos using the Immortals Fenyx Rising photo mode

Taking a photo in Immortals Fenyx Rising is pretty easy. All you have to do is press the Photo Mode key (F3 by default) at any point while the game is unpaused.

Entering photo mode will pause the game and allow you to position your camera exactly how you like for the perfect photo. You can pan, zoom, and tilt the camera to your heart's content, and you can preview the photo before taking it.

Another large part of the photo mode in Immortals is the potential for editing before you even take the photo. Left-clicking will bring up the editing menu, which allows you to change all sorts of things about the photo, from contrast, saturation and temperature to bloom and vignette. You can even customise Fenyx's facial expression before taking the photo!

How to view your photos

A screenshot of the edit options available in the Immortals Fenyx Rising photo mode.

Once you've taken a photo, you may be wondering how you can view it. To do this, exit photo mode and bring up the map, and at the location where you took the photo you should find a photo icon. Hover over this icon and you'll get a thumbnail of your photo. From here, you can either view it in fullscreen or delete it. Photos you take are entered into an online aspect of Immortals Fenyx Rising, so that other players may randomly be able to see and like photos you've taken in their games. You can also see other players' photos on your map.

To toggle this functionality on or off, you can open up the Legend while in the map (default: L) and deselect the photo group at the bottom of the list.

And there you have it! Now you can get stuck into taking and sharing your favourite Immortals Fenyx Rising photos. But we've got plenty more to say on the topic of Immortals! While you're here, why not also check out our guides on how to increase Stamina in Immortals Fenyx Rising, or hunt down every last collectible with our Immortals Fenyx Rising map guide and our list of all the Immortals Fenyx Rising mounts?

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