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Immortals Fenyx Rising mounts: where to find the best mounts (and all the rest)

View the locations of all 26 mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, you have the ability to tame various mounts which you can then summon at a moment's notice. These mounts are powerful tools of traversal across the Golden Isles, but some rare mounts are a cut above the rest. This guide will walk you through not only how to tame a mount, but also where you can find every mount in Immortals Fenyx Rising, including the very best and rarest mounts in the game!

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Immortals Fenyx Rising mounts explained

A mount is an excellent tool for fast traversal across the world of Immortals Fenyx Rising. There are lots of different species of mount to tame, and once you've tamed one, you will be able to switch between it and your other available mounts from the inventory screen.

To call your mount to you, just tap the Summon Mount key. Fenyx will jump, and the mount will be summoned beneath them. Mounts have a stamina bar just like Fenyx does, and you can expend its stamina in order to sprint quickly across flat expanses of land. Your mount cannot jump; rather, jumping will send Fenyx jumping off the mount, allowing them to glide forwards before immediately summoning their mount beneath them once they land. This is a useful way of crossing gaps and rough terrain that your mount can't easily cross.

How to tame a mount

Mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising are generally equine in shape and usually travel in packs. They're also passive towards you. If you notice an animal with these qualities, it's likely a mount that can be tamed.

To tame a mount, crouch and walk slowly towards it. If an exclamation mark appears above its head, stop moving until it goes away, because it means the mount is getting nervous of your approach.

Continue this until you're close enough to press the Interact key to tame the mount. Once the mount is tamed, you can call it to you at any moment, and switch between it and your other available mounts from the inventory menu.

A screenshot of Indika, a rare unicorn mount in Immortals Fenyx Rising, being tamed.

All 26 mount locations in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Below is a map of Immortals Fenyx Rising with the locations of all 26 potential mounts highlighted. So you can use this map to easily get the Fenyx The Horseman trophy, or to quickly get your hands on the best possible mounts in the game.

A map of Immortals Fenyx Rising with the location of every potential mount highlighted.
A map of Immortals Fenyx Rising with the location of every potential mount highlighted.

Best mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Not all mounts are born equal in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Aside from cosmetic differences, the thing that sets mounts apart from one another is their stamina reserves. The first mounts you find are likely to have a single bar of stamina (made up of four stamina chunks), but certain mounts can have up to 3 stamina bars, making them the best possible mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising. The image above has a number next to each mount which dictates how many bars of stamina they have.

Here is a full list of the best mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising:

  • Guardian (3rd on the left)
  • Indika (9th on the left)
  • Tyrian (13th on the left)
  • Asphodel (1st on the right)
  • Antikythera (3rd on the right)
  • Paragon (6th on the right)
  • Aethon (10th on the right)
  • Spring (12th on the right)*
  • Laurion (13th on the right)

*The mount known as Spring is only obtainable by completing the When The Road Gets Rocky/Luck Be A Laurel/The Future Is In Music line of quests. You'll obtain the first quest after leaving Clashing Rocks for the first time. It's the one with the quest marker at the bottom of the Gates of Tartaros, prompting you to "Explore the impact of Typhon's rage".

That wraps up this guide to the best mounts. Now, why not check out some of our other godly wisdom regarding Ubisoft's massive open-world adventure game - starting with our guide on the very best Immortals Fenyx Rising skills & Godly Powers?

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