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Call Of Duty: Warzone 2's DMZ mode now lets eliminated players swap sides

The Season 01 Reloaded update also adds a reimagined map for MW2

A screenshot from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2's Shipment map trailer showing a soldier pointing two revolvers while an explosion goes off behind them
Image credit: Activision

It’s midseason update time for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and free to play battle royale Warzone 2, with the latter’s DMZ mode now letting you swap teams if things aren’t going so well. Been taken down in Warzone 2 but none of your squadmates are around to help? Or perhaps you’re just a bit fed up of waiting for them to revive you? Well, since the Season 01 Reloaded update arrived, you now have the option to ask enemy players for help and get to join their team if they do. There’s a whole bunch more stuff in the update including the new version of the Shipment map for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, which you take a look at in the video below.

Cover image for YouTube videoShipment Map | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
Modern Warfare 2 revisits the classic close-quarters Shipment map.

Warzone 2’s DMZ also gets a mysterious new building courtesy of Season 01 Reloaded. Building 21 is a biological laboratory, and players have to search up keys scattered around the Al-Mazrah map to access what’s inside. Get into Building 21 and you’ll find a “hyper-dangerous new area” of DMZ to contend with. Along with Building 21, the update’s nerfed stronghold AI in battle royale mode, reduced their numbers, and doubled the time between waves of enemies. Black site AI fighters get additional armour, though.

Shipment made its way into Call Of Duty back in the original Modern Warfare, and it’s been something of a series staple. You’ll need to own Modern Warfare 2 to access this reimagined version of Call Of Duty’s smallest map, but if you do then there’s some festive frivolities coming on December 21st. A Christmas-themed version of Shipment will feature in a Naughty List playlist running through January 4th. Oh and, as Matt noted earlier this week, the update also kicks off a time-limited Warzone Cup mode that’s pretty much just Rocket League in COD.

You can read the extremely lengthy full info and patch notes for the Season 01 Reloaded update here, but you might want to pop the kettle on first.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is on Steam and Battle.net for £60/$70/€70. Warzone 2 is a free to play download from, you guessed it, Steam and Battle.net. Feel free to peruse our list of Warzone 2's best guns for some top tips.

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