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Warzone 2.0 gets a temporary Rocket League mode on Wednesday

Call of footy

Football may not have come home this year, but it is coming to Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0. A limited-time mode introduced with Season 01 Reloaded's launch on Wednesday will see two teams of three knocking a big football about on ATVs equipped with special pulse abilities, in classic Rocket League fashion.

The developers are also bringing back Mini Royale, popping up a new building in the DMZ mode, and adding a new map to the multiplayer mode that you actually need to own Modern Warfare 2 for.

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Activision's update page includes a few more details about how the football works. You can "collect and toss Shock Sticks to stall your opponents", which sounds wildly frustrating, "or boost through enemy vehicles to ram them out of the way". Rounds end after either five minutes have passed or once one team has scored five goals. I reckon it'll only take a round or two before you're hankering to play Rocket League instead, but I welcome nonsense football antics nonetheless. Could be a nice change of pace while you're waiting for one of your squadmates to make a cup of tea.

They're bringing back Mini Royale, too, where just 75 people drop onto a smaller section of the map rather than the full 150. They're also adding two new operators, along with a new assault rifle and a social feature that lets you form in-game communities based on similar interests.

There's plenty more on the update page, mainly about non-Warzone stuff. The double XP event this weekend applies to everything, though.

Ed called CoD's latest stab at battle royale a worthy Warzone successor in his Call Of Duty Warzone 2 review, hailing it as "a reinvention that makes the mode feel fresh and more deliberate, while keeping the pace of the original".

You can download Warzone 2 for free from Steam. I just realised it's only 23gb, so yes, I will be having a go on the silly football quad bikes.

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