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This year's Call Of Duty might be a brand new game that continues Modern Warfare 2's story

A possible shift from the original plan

According to a report by Bloomberg, Activision may have switched up their plans so this year's Call Of Duty release will pivot from being a paid expansion to another new Modern Warfare game developed by Sledgehammer Games. It's said to continue Modern Warfare 2's story and carry over bits and pieces from its multiplayer, too.

Bloomberg's Jason Schreier says that people familiar with Sledgehammer and Activision's next Call Of Duty game are aiming to make it feel "like a standalone, full-price release and also an extension of Modern Warfare 2" (cheers, VGC).

It seems like the plan so far is to "carry over maps and modes" from MW2, but Schreier's warned that these plans could change between now and release.

A few months ago we heard rumblings from Bloomberg's Jason Schreier about Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 getting a paid expansion, or a sort of Modern Warfare 2.5. So, it's interesting to hear that may be treating is as a sort of semi-sequel that's both a standalone release, but crucially, not Modern Warfare 3.

Early last year we learned that COD may not get a mainline sequel in 2023 and that Activision might be ditching its yearly COD release schedule, instead opting to support the likes of MW2 with "premium and free-to-play experiences". I suppose that fits the bill with Bloomberg's latest report, but if whatever Sledgehammer's cooking up has expanded into a new COD game, then damn, that's basically the equivalent of a yearly release, right? Even if it ends up being a smaller package than MW2, surely the devs are feeling the strain.

As someone who's invested a lot of time into COD and Warzone in the past, I'm not all that excited at the prospect of a MW2.5. I think I'm just a bit burned out on the series, and it's an ecosystem that could get tiring pretty fast. Would you need to own MW2 to own whatever Sledgehammer's release may be? Would I need to own MW2.5. to get all the best guns? Questions remain over how it would integrate with Warzone 2, too. It's a no thanks from me.

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