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Call of Duty follows Fortnite in adding Fallout skins, out this week

Who wore it better?

A military man in a Fallout vault dweller skin holds a gun next to Captain Price in Call of Duty
Image credit: Activision

Look, who knows when we’ll see Fallout 5 - there’s an increasingly less-than-zero chance we’ll all be living in a real post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland by the time Bethesda get around to revealing anything, if their deliberately slow approach to The Elder Scrolls 6 (it’s been nearly THIRTEEN years since Skyrim) is much to go by. Still, even without a full sequel, Fallout is all around us - in multiple seasons of a television show, in Fortnite, and now in Call of Duty.

Not one to be outdone in the how-many-popular-licences-can-you-cram-into-one-video-game race, Call of Duty is following up Fortnite’s own recent addition of Fallout skins with its own crossover with the series.

I’ll admit, it’s not an especially exciting take on a world full of strange mutants, ghouls, radioactive creations and a questionable satirical take on 1950s America. Call of Duty’s collaboration with Fallout boils down to the chance to stick your military shooterpeople in the blue-and-yellow jumpsuits of vault dwellers. Vault 141 specifically, going by the number on the back of the suits - which doesn’t correlate to any Fallout vault we’ve seen in the games or live-action series, but instead references Task Force 141, the shooty all-star crew of Modern Warfares 2 and 3 made up of Price, Ghost, Soap and Gaz.

The Fallout Vault Dweller tracer pack stuffs in more than 15 items in total, including two Fallout-themed gun blueprints for a “Vault-Tec Approved” M16 and “Atomic Disintegrator” HRM-9, a couple of charms, a calling card, decal, emblem, sticker and loading screens.

The Fallout items can be used in Modern Warfare III, Warzone and Warzone Mobile, with more goodies from gun camos to charms due to be offered as part of an in-game Vault Dwellers event from June 20th to June 26th. You’ll get extra XP if you’re using one of the vault dweller skins, too. Look, I'm sure there's plenty of people out there excited for some blue pyjamas to do murder in, but they're not exactly Gundams, are they?

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