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Wielding a Buster Sword controller for Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a workout

Level up your exercise routine

Final Fantasy 7 remake - A closeup of Cloud Strife's face while he holds his sword
Image credit: Square Enix

JRPGs can be grindy affairs at the best of times, but imagine playing through one while actually swinging about Cloud Strife’s cumbersome giant blade. Custom controller maker Super Louis 64’s done just that, crafting a Buster Sword that lets him play through Final Fantasy 7 Remake in true Cloud style. When he shared a clip of his antics on Twitter, Super Louis insisted the whole game is playable using the big knife. The honorary Soldier says he’s hoping to have a full video of his time spent pretending to be Cloud up on his YouTube channel today.

Vid bud Liam has a handy guide for where to start with the increasingly convoluted Final Fantasy 7 story.Watch on YouTube

The custom Buster Sword works through motion controls, and even lets you guard with the same pose as Cloud. It seems like wielding the controller for two and half hours really knackered Super Louis out though, and I don’t think I’d fare anywhere near as well. This isn’t the first time he’s made a custom sword controller, having crafted a katana to play Ghost Of Tsushima and for the samurai class in Final Fantasy 14. He’s also played Elden Ring with Nintendo’s Ring Fit, a Guitar Hero controller, and, erm, a banana.

Howlongtobeat reckon Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes 33 hours to finish, and that’s just the main story. With side shenanigans, that goes up to 41.5 hours, and a complete run is 86.5 hours. So if you’re planning on following Super Louis’ example with your own Buster Sword then you’ll want to be squeezing in a few arm exercises, and maybe a bit of core strength too. Still, this isn’t the weirdest controller we’ve ever reported on, an honour that probably goes to either this goose costume or the pomegranate someone used to beat Hades.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £70/$70/€80, but there’s 43% off right now. Buster sword is model’s own.

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