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Streamer beats Hades using an actual pomegranate

I'm already squirming thinking about how sticky it must've been

In ancient greek mythology, eating a pomegranate in the underworld would trap you there. In Hades, eating poms gives the main character Zagreus an upgrade to one of his skills. In real life, people don't eat pomegranates, apparently - they just wire them up and turn them into very sticky controllers instead. At least that's what streamer Dylan "Rudeism" Beck did anyway. He managed to beat Hades with a chopped-up pom, and my god was it messy.

What's happening on screen in the video below is a weird contrast to the camera on his pomegranate-tapping hands. Zagreus is zipping about all over the place while Rudeism seems to be dancing his fingers very methodically across the poms.

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It takes him a fair few attempts, none of which are helped by the fact his pom wires occasionally come loose, but in the end he demolishes the game's final boss with a death defiance to spare. His winning run clocks an impressive time of just 22 minutes too, which I'm only just about able to do with a normal controller myself.

Rudeism put together his pom controller by jamming wires into the chopped up fruit and connecting them to a MakeyMakey circuit board. This basically turned each slice into a button he could tap - though, judging from the state of his desk in the video, it looks more like he was just mashing the pomegranates around. A waste of some perfectly tasty seeds, that.

I'm all for finding new and creative ways to play Hades, it's an incredible roguelike that tops the list of our favourite games from 2020, though I don't love the idea of being covered in pomegranate juice while attempting a run.

It's probably best to leave the food-related controller-ing to the professionals anyways. Rudeism has previously beaten Fall Guys using jellybeans and played PUBG with a frying pan, a true controller connoisseur.

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