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Untitled Goose Game streamer made a goose costume into a controller

Honk honk!

To play Untitled Goose Game is to enter the mind of a goose, to feel mischief and malice fill you and flow through you. To enter the body of a goose is quite different, Twitch streamer Dylan "Rudeism" Beck discovered. Famed for his commitment to play games with wrong and weird and custom controllers (he's the lad who panned Mordhau players with a frying pan), today he took on Goose Game with a full costume controller. The goose honks when Rudeism honks into his orange beak. The goose waddles when Rudeism waddles in his flippers. The goose flaps its wings when Rudeism flaps his arms. Has technology gone too far?

Here's a quick look at the basic movements:

He's wearing a pair of gloves hooked up to detect flapping. Movement is controlled by a thumbstick to select a direction then triggered by flapping the swimming flippers on his feet. He honks by being noisy into a microphone in the orange beak he's wearing, which fittingly has a blood stain ("don't worry about it," he says, "it's fine"). He needs to crouch forward for the goose to crouch, and pecks his head forward to pick up and drop items.

I especially like that his rig has a bit of the ol' spirit of the goose, sometimes exuberantly honking when he's talking normally and being a little too keen to peck at objects.

Here's the full stream, in which he plays through the first level and gets bloody tired because it's exhausting to waddle around for ages crouched down pretending to be a goose.

I do worry that geese see the enthusiasm around Untitled Goose Game as a challenge to their supremacy. Here we are, thinking we know goose and making declarations like "I Am The Horrible Goose That Lives In The Town" (an absolute belting read from Daniel Mallory Ortberg there), but we can never truly match them. Humans can feel malice; geese are malice.

It seems no coincidence that a Coventry goose this week smashed into a taxi, reminding us that we live in their world. What would a taxi driver do if a goose burst in and, through gestures and honks, demanded a ride to the Corn Exchange? You're driving that goose, pal.

A goose feigning humanity is far more dangerous than a human aspiring to goosehood.

Disclosure: I know some of the lads at Goose Game devs House House. I once forced one of them to eat a large amount of mayonnaise. What's good for the goose is bad for the gander.

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