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Watch this man whack Mordhau players with an actual frying pan

All going to pan

The great peaks of videogames have been scaled with endless instruments of war. Dark Souls has been beaten with a guitar hero controller. Skyrim with a potato. Someone beat Super Mario World by blowing their nose into a recorder.

The latest feat comes from "Rudeism", a Twitch streamer who has rigged up an actual frying pan with motion controls so he can clobber people with a pretend frying pan in Mordhau.

Mordhau, if you've not been paying attention, is a multiplayer medieval sword 'em up. If my Mordhau review is to be believed, it's also one of the best games in existence. Especially now I get to watch someone having the time of his life with his dumb computer pan.

Here's an opening panning shot.

Here's a quick tech demo.

And here's the full stream. I don't know this man, but I know joy when I see it.

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