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Mordhau is currently free to keep from the Epic Games Store

Alongside Second Extinction

Mordhau is about alternately bashing at other players with swords, axes and polearms, and teaming up with other players for playful buffoonery with lutes, emotes, and spontaneous roleplay. It was one of our favourite games of 2019 and it's currently free to keep from the Epic Games Store.

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From now until April 20th, you can add Mordhau to your Epic account via its store page. Once added, it's yours to keep forever.

Mordhau has both spectacle and finesse and it works well when you're charging across the mud against players on horseback in the midst of a hectic, 64-player castle siege, and when you're fighting just one other person in tense, hard-scrabble duels. The swordplay is particularly sweet, rewarding those who learn to use momentum and directional attacks to break defences and skewer their enemies. Plus, there are pretty good bows and arrows, too. Ollie has a Mordhau guide for how to learn it yourself.

Matt Cox (RPS in peace) fell pretty hard for these sword fights and wrote a lot about his own exploits. He also wrote a lot about the exploits of its community, whether they were controlling it with a real frying pan or playing cricket or making fan films.

If medieval warfare isn't your thing, you can also pick up Second Extinction for free right now, too. It's a first-person shooter about mincing dinosaurs with chain guns and space lasers.

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