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Second Extinction is a co-op FPS about fighting mutant dinosaurs


Three players must gun down hordes of mutant dinosaurs to reclaim the Earth in Second Extinction, a new co-op FPS announced today. That's some co-op foolishness I can get behind. I don't know how tyrannosauruses rexes and electric raptors have taken over the Earth, but I'd guess your man Richard Dawkins has been up to his 'science' again and it falls to us to clean up after him. Come have a look in the announcement trailer.

I'm not mad keen on gunning down wildlife, but I am mad keen on sliding, pump-action shotguns, and co-op shooters so I guess they've got my number. Hey, I suppose it's more humane than Turok? The devs do plan to run a PC beta on Steam this summer, so here's me heading on over to sign up for that in the hope of having a look.

Second Extinction is being made by Systemic Reaction, a new studio who are part of Avalanche - the gang behind Just Cause, Mad Max, and Generation Zero. They say they'll talk about their post-launch live service plan soon, and are already muttering about some sort of "joint effort" where "your actions, together with the rest of the community, will shape the course of the war against the dinosaurs." I can't imagine that'll be hugely engaging but I am glad they have plans for newness.

No firm word yet on when Second Extinction will launch, though I'd probably expect towards the end of the year considering Microsoft were showing it off on their Xbox Series X stream today. For now, you can see more on the game's site.

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