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Generation Zero developers tease a new FPS game

Beware the cave

Look at this lovely winter scene: a shelter amidst the snowfall. Now listen to it, because the cave is full of some horrible monsters, it seems. It's a super brief teaser for the next game from the studio that created Generation Zero. It appears to be an FPS with a possible horror bent, given the infested cave of screeching somethings.

Today's teaser is a quick one, just a slow zoom on a scary cave and then a few quick flashes inside as we see a gun-wielding character shoot up some bloody beasties in first person. Might it be an outright horror game? Possibly, though Avalanche Studios are better known for action. Perhaps it'll be a Doom Eternal-esque action run and gun bonanza. In their announcement today, Avalanche say they're "paying homage to our rich history of open world games" so I suspect that despite the dark, enclosed cave of the teaser we'll be exploring a larger world in whatever this new game is.

Avalanche Studios, whom you'll know for the Just Cause and Rage series, announced that this unnamed project will be developed by their newly-matured offspring studio. Now named Systemic Reaction, this is the team that worked on Generation Zero. According to Emily Richardson's Generation Zero review, the slightly spooky robot shooting FPS adventure didn't live up to its potential. Now though, Generation Zero has been fixed, says Alex Wiltshire, thanks to a lot of bug fixes and a new area added by way of DLC. Hopefully Systemic Reaction have learned a lot from their time shoring up their last release and are ready to stick the landing on this one.

Avalanche Studios Group say they currently have several games in development between their three studios: the original Avalanche, Systemic Reaction, and Expansive Worlds. Right now, that's all we know about this particular project.

Avalanche are also celebrating with a Steam sale on all of their games including the Just Cause games, Rage series, Mad Max, and more.

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