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Mordhau adds a new mode and more importantly, pubs

We like to drink with Humungusse

I still play Mordhau almost every night. People are far too good at it nowadays, but thanks to Tuesday night's update I can now take refuge in a pub. Full modding support is still a ways out, say developers Triternion, but you can now automatically download the maps people have managed to make just by jumping into a server that's running them. I'm delighted to report that at least some of them involve roleplaying as bartenders.

There's also a new asymmetrical mode called Invasion, which I've only played for a tiny bit. I mentioned there are pubs now, right?

Invasion mode sees one team try to prevent the other from capturing a series of objectives, rather than the push and pull of Frontlines. It's like Overwatch's hybrid mode, where sometimes you'll be capturing a point and sometimes pushing a cart.

The mode's been rolled out for the Grad, Taiga and Camp maps, somewhat confusingly integrated into the regular official Frontlines queue. It's still 32v32 players, and no radical departure, but I'll take a mildly different slant on chopping. The one game I played was on Taiga, where the red team wound up desperately trying to stop blue from blowing up the mines. The map's no different, I believe, but the objectives are in different locations so the fighting flows to different places. I've played for more than a hundred hours and never been embroiled in a 3v3 fight in the mine's corridors before.

Taiga in Frontlines mode is notoriously biased in favour of the red bastards, too. I think I've literally never lost as them, so it was kind of nice when the mine exploded. Anyway! Pubs!

The late night bartending shift is rough, one guy didn't like his food while two drunk idiots had a bar fight... from r/Mordhau

I admire Reddit user ExistentialAmbiguity's commitment to good bartending, though this does highlight how Mordhau is now in dire need of a "take it outside" voice line. The emotes, voice lines and character customisation we've already got do already lead to some delightfully silly characters.

The update also reduced queue times for the ranked duel mode, increased horse respawn speeds, and stopped people from doing that annoying spinny backhand attack. Full patch notes are here.

Triterion say the next map, Feitoria, is "just about ready for release".

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