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3 days ago

Finland vs. South Korea was top-tier professional Overwatch

The Overwatch World Cup group stages kicked off this week, and with fifteen games each they’re pretty intense to keep up with. If you’re only able to watch one match from this stage, though, you should make it Finland vs. South Korea. The match-up was always going to be hotly contested, but the two teams put on one of the best shows of professional Overwatch…

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1 week ago

Overwatch World Cup hopeful xQc suspended for abusive chat

Popular Overwatch livestreamer and ex-Dallas Fuel professional player Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was handed a 15-day suspension from Overwatch yesterday, after being repeatedly reported for abusive chat. This is only the latest in a long line of disciplinary actions taken against the player, who is scheduled to appear for team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup next month.

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Feature: Not always a winning pick

Competitive Overwatch rebuilds around Wrecking Ball

The Overwatch League might be in its off season, but competitive Overwatch rumbles on with the Contenders tier entering its playoff stages. Controversially, these playoffs have been taking place on an updated patch, introducing huge changes for players to adapt to, including the newest hero, Wrecking Ball, and the new version of Symmetra. Teams haven’t had a lot of time to practice with the new…

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2 weeks ago

Overwatch’s Summer Games 2018 event has everyone dressed up for the ball-game

It is far too hot and humid outside to do anything related to real sports, so Overwatch's Summer Games 2018 event sounds lovely. Sit down, grab an iced drink, point an industrial-scale fan at your face and shoot people to earn boxes full of silly sporting-themed (or summer lounging) gear for your gaggle of sci-fi superheroes. While the majority of the characters are ready to…

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Overwatch League fans are designing their own dream teams

Header image by Twitter user Jp3ilson. The Overwatch League’s franchising is a little weird. Supposedly a global league, the teams are overwhelmingly “based” in American cities – and I use scare quotes there because really all the teams live and compete in Los Angeles during the season and none draw from local players. But that hasn’t stopped fans from wanting their cities to be represented,…

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Overwatch’s Open Division seeks aspiring pros

Fancy yourself to be the next pro level Overwatch player? Blizzard have opened registration for teams who want to participate in Season Three of its Open Division. There are no requirements you need to meet to sign up, making it a great chance to experience tournament play regardless of skill level. And who knows? Maybe you’ll end up following in D.Va’s footsteps and turn esports…

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3 weeks ago

Feature: Is skill on the field all that matters?

What makes an Overwatch MVP?

When the Overwatch League’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) award was handed to Jjonak of the New York Excelsior, no one was really surprised. His Zenyatta play has undoubtedly been immensely valuable; a key factor in New York’s impressive 34-6 win-loss ratio. The amount of damage he deals far outstrips every other Zenyatta player in the League, and often that of DPS players, too – all…

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England won a thing!

If you're still licking your wounded pride after England stacked it in the World Cup, take solace in the news that an English team have won Blizzard's first professional Overwatch season. At the Overwatch League Grand Finals in New York over the weekend, London Spitfire--a team whose name could only be more mawkishly English if it were Sir Percy Brexitworth And The D-Day 1966ers--lifted the…

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4 weeks ago

Overwatch free weekend trial starts today, already preloading

As they like to do every couple months, Blizzard today launch another Overwatch trial weekend inviting everyone play their class-based multiplayer FPS for a few days. This time, Overwatch now has a horrible murderous rodent who people will fawn over all "Aww! Isn't he cute!" as he gnaws your face off and lays his verminous brood in your guts. Oh! I've just had a vivid…

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Overwatch’s murderhamster Wrecking Ball has rolled out

Wrecking Ball, Overwatch's new 'hamster in a heavily-armoured ball of robodeath' character, today launched properly in Blizzard's FPS after almost a month on the test servers. Oh sure some will tell you how "cute" Hammond is, but I'm not remotely surprised he's a monstrous murderer. Have you never seen a hamster eat its own babies? Have you never had an escaped hamster get inside the…

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1 month ago

Overwatch’s Torbjörn is next in line for a major overhaul

Overwatch's diminutive Swedish engineer Torbjörn is set to get a few whacks from Blizzard's tuning wrench. Similar to Symmetra's massive rework recently, Overwatch lead designer Geoff Goodman told VG247 of tentative plans to rebuild the stubborn Swede into a more aggressive character capable of deploying self-upgrading turrets on the go. It also seems likely that his ultimate ability - Molten Core - is to be…

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Hammond rolling onto regular Overwatch servers next week

Wrecking Ball will have spent 26 days rolling around the public test server by the time he's out, but everyone's favourite mecha death hamster is ready swing into Overwatch proper next week. On Tuesday July 24th, to be precise. That's it, I've done the news. Click through to see a cute announcement mini-vid from Blizzard, and me tut at myself for playing a silly amount…

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Blizzard boast of player abuse reduction in Overwatch

Instances of dillholes jerking up Overwatch multiplayer matches with abusive chat have dropped by around a quarter since Blizzard added player endorsement and 'looking for group' systems last month, according to numbers shared by game director Jeff Kaplan. As social engineering in this cyberhell goes, that seems a fair result. Blizzard still haven't replied to my suggestion that they partner with gaming chair manufacturers on…

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Overwatch League to be covered on ESPN

American sports television network ESPN are to cover Blizzard's Overwatch League playoffs and grand finals, the end of the competition's first season, as well as planning to cover the next. I'm always fascinated when mainstream sports media peer over our fence and say "Ooh! That looks fun!" then face the impossible task of pleasing both game fans and channel surfers, so it'll be interesting to…

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Feature: Fake niceness > insults

Overwatch’s new endorsement system works, but makes being nice mean less

I love team-based competitive multiplayer games, but I hate that so many people who play them behave awfully. If you make a visible mistake in a game of Dota 2 and aren't playing with a full suite of friends, I can guarantee that someone will be obnoxious about it. Before last week, I could have said the same about Overwatch, but Blizzard have swooped in…

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2 months ago

Feature: I'm hooked

Overwatch’s new mecha death hamster is a ball

One of the first things that excited me about Overwatch, long before I got the chance to play it, was hearing about Widowmaker's grappling hook. I needn't tell you that grappling hooks are the most entertaining toys video games have ever given us - partly because I'm sure I and everyone else who writes about games has already told you, and partly because it's a…

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Overwatch’s DeathHamster uses grappling hook to break players; game

He came in like a... well, what would you call it? A spherical distruption? No... but that's close... Anyhowdy, there's a new little furball in action amidst the unending battle nightmare of Overwatch. Hammond the Hamster pilots a gigantic murder-mech of his own design, built from the escape pod he used to flee an evil science lab. Wrecking Ball is the most innovative and wacky…

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Overwatch’s Hammond revealed as mecha death hamster (and he’s live on the PTR server right now)

Update: Looks like Blizzard got the ball rolling quickly on this one. Shortly after revealing new Overwatch hero Hammond the Hamster's true nature as a diminutive spider-tank pilot in a brief teaser video, they rolled the little fuzzball out on the public test servers so you can try him out in combat right now. They also released origin story and developer update videos (watch within),…

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Overwatch overhauls Symmetra, adds positivity & groups

It's Overwatch patch day, which means that up is down, black is white and dogs and cats are getting along famously, at least for the moment. Today's update brings the planned (and rather controversial) overhaul to hard-light magician Symmetra, a Looking For Group feature for when you want a slightly more organised team of strangers to play with, and a new system of 'endorsements', providing…

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Blizzard aiming to patent Overwatch’s ‘Play of the Game’

Overwatch's post-match Play of the Game replays - snapshots of a particular player's greatest moment of triumph, shared for all to see - are a brilliant little bit of design. So much so that Blizzard don't want anyone else using them, according to a patent submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office back in December of 2016. This month it was made public, although…

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