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Nab yourself a Gingerbread Bastion skin for just one Overwatch coin

It’s a step up from of the other dubious legendaries so far

As you might have noticed, there’s just a few days until Christmas lands on us all like an overladen sleigh pulled by some very exhausted and confused reindeers. Overwatch 2’s marking the occasion by turning robotic damage hero Bastion into a gingerbread automaton with a new legendary skin. Seeing as it’s the holidays, Blizzard are charging just a single Overwatch Coin for the skin, which is way, way less than the thousands that legendaries usually cost. Bastion’s fresh look is also quite a bit more involved than some of the other legendary efforts Blizzard’s dreamt up for Overwatch 2 so far.

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Gingerbread Bastion is fully decked out in Christmassy touches, from his Santa hat to candy cane highlights and the wrapping paper around the cannon on his back. Even his little bird friend is made of gingerbread now. It’s nice they’re showing poor ol’ Bastion some love after the rough patch he had not long after Overwatch 2 launched. If you want to pick up the gingerbread Bastion skin then you’ll need to log in to the game sometime between now and January 2nd, and stump up that one Overwatch Coin. You should be able to quickly earn that through weekly challenges.

You can take a look at how gingerbread Bastion shapes up next to his common skin below:

A comparison of Overwatch 2 Bastion skins showing legendary gingerbread Bastion and his common skin

Overwatch 2 players were a bit miffed last month when Blizzard added a mime artist legendary skin for support hero Moira. It wasn’t the most inspired makeover. The mime artist skin plonked a bit of facepaint and a beret on Moira, and barely altered her regular outfit. That wasn’t anywhere near as fancy as some of the other legendaries that Overwatch has produced in the past, which you can see in all their finery in Rebecca’s round-up of every hero skin in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 is a free to play download from Battle.net. The Winter Wonderland event runs through until January 4th. You can read more about the event here.

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