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Overwatch 2’s mid-season patch delayed due to "critical issue"

It’s now expected tomorrow

Blizzard have postponed the release of a patch for Overwatch 2 so they can fix an undisclosed “critical issue” with the game. The patch had been scheduled for November 15th, and is meant to include hero balance adjustments for Zarya, Genji, Sombra, Kiriko, and D.va. The mid-season update should also see Mei return to the hero shooter after her two-week stint on the bench, Blizzard’s statement said, following issues with her icewall ability last month. You can now expect the patch to arrive tomorrow, November 17th, at 7pm GMT / 9pm CET / 11am PST. Not too long to wait, then.

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Blizzard announced late last month that they would be fiddling with hero balance ahead of the start of Overwatch 2’s season 2 in December. Just a few weeks earlier, they’d said they were confident there wasn’t a need for any rebalancing during season 1 of the game. We already know who’ll be the targets for the upcoming hero balance adjustments when the mid-season patch arrives tomorrow, and you can read more about those here. Nerfs aplenty.

Ollie had a whole bucket full of fun with the game for his Overwatch 2 review-in-progress, but still didn’t think it was quite worth adding that 2 to the name. “For a content update, Overwatch 2 does an absolutely phenomenal job,” he said. “For a sequel, it feels pretty underwhelming. I wonder, would it have been better to use chapters like Fortnite did?”

Overwatch 2 is a free to play download from Battle.net. Things have been a bit patchy so far. If you’re after some top tips on who to main, why not check out our Overwatch 2 hero tier list?

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