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Blizzard have got their Overwatch 2 hotfixing tool up and running

Five more heroes might be getting rebalanced this week using it

Overwatch 2 struggled to quickly apply fixes for issues with its heroes during Season 1, but Blizzard say they’ve managed to sort all that out for the recently minted hero shooter. A hotfixing tool that was used for the first time today means there shouldn’t be any need for more weeks-long absences such as Bastion and Mei’s in Season 1. According to a Twitter thread by Overwatch 2’s commercial lead Jon Spector, the hotfix tool also lets Blizzard apply hero rebalances much more quickly. It doesn’t all sound like plain sailing, though.

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One of the functions of Overwatch 2’s new hotfix tool is to sort out issues such as collision exploits. The first application of the tool today targeted a Shambali collision exploit. Unfortunately for some players, they got stuck applying the hotfix and were disconnected. Blizzard tweeted to explain what had happened, and said they’d “take precautions to avoid any potential unintentional penalties” for players when future hotfixes are applied.

Spector then jumped in with a short thread to clarify what the tool’s going to be used for. He also acknowledged that it ought to make fixes and changes more straightforward compared with Season 1. “Due to some bugs with the hotfix system at launch, we were not able to use those tools in Season 1,” Spector said. “We therefore took longer to make balance changes and address a few small bugs than we wanted. So we're excited to have this functionality working again!”

Overwatch 2’s game director Aaron Keller interjected, revealing that some more hero rebalances are being considered for sometime later this week. Keller singled out Doomfist, Roadhog, and Tracer for the upcoming adjustments, along with newbies Sojourn and Ramattra. Keller stopped short of saying what those changes might be but, based on Spector’s comments, they’re likely to be quick changes such as numbers adjustments.

Season 2 of Overwatch 2 began a week ago. While Ollie took a shine to additions such as new tank Ramattra and the Shambali Monastery map, he wasn’t as keen on the hero balance adjustments that came with the season update. “It's just a bit of a shame that I really don't see the meta changing that much from Season 1,” he said. “Sojourn and Kiriko are still gonna run rampant, despite their meagre nerfs. I guess we're all just gonna have to grit our teeth and bear those Railguns and Kitsune Rushes for another Season.”

Overwatch 2 is a free to play download from You can check out our Overwatch 2 hero tier list for some recommendations for who to main.

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