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Overwatch 2 will add a support hero after tank Ramattra

Adding more support heroes is a long-term focus for Blizzard

Overwatch 2's commercial lead Jon Spector has revealed the free-to-play hero shooter's next new character will bolster the ranks of its support heroes. Spector dropped the hint about Overwatch 2’s next hero in a Q&A session with Korean site Inven. Spector said that the next hero would be a “more solid support”. We can expect them to arrive in Overwatch 2 when Season 3 of the game begins in early February 2023.

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It’s not totally unexpected that Blizzard are planning to introduce more support hero characters in future seasons. Lead hero designer Alec Dawson acknowledged last month that increasing the pool of support heroes for players to draw on was a long-term focus for the development team. If a new support hero is next in Blizzard’s plans for Overwatch 2’s roster then they won’t be the first since the game launched in October. Fox-eared ninja support hero Kiriko was brought into the game at launch.

Spector’s comments aren’t the only time Blizzard staff have teased upcoming Overwatch 2 heroes in recent months. Game director Aaron Keller chatted about details of the incoming tank character while on an Overwatch League stream not long after Overwatch 2’s launch. We now know the hero Keller was talking about is newbie tank Ramattra, revealed during the Overwatch League Grand Finals earlier this month.

Overwatch 2 is a free to play download from Battle.net. Season 2 of the game is due to begin on December 6th.

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