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Indiescovery Episode 12: The ultimate indie game pub crawl

Get a pint down yah

The banner for episode 12 of Indiescovery that features Overboard, The Stanley Parable and Dream Daddy
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It’s episode 12 of Indiescovery and this week we’re being a bit cheeky as we dive into which indie game characters we’d love to do a pub crawl with. Who are we getting sloshed with? Who’s not making it past pre-drinks? Who are we sharing our end-of-night chippies with? All that and more this week! Summer has well and truly arrived here in the UK, but wherever you are, grab your sunnies, sip a pina colada, kick back, and have a listen.

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Episode notes

This episode is roughly structured as a pub-crawling night out, starting with who we're texting to hang with and who isn't making it past pre-drinks, bless 'em. We mention a lot of characters, including expert mixologist Donovan from The Red Strings Club who would be whipping us up some mean martinis, and the entire gang from Monster Prom (guess whose suggestion that was 👀). One character that isn't making it past pre-drinks is Undertale's Papyrus who is 100% a lightweight and would definitely be in a corner somewhere completely conked out with spaghetti all over himself.

Onto the actual pub crawl, and again, far too many characters to go over in some quick show notes so here are some more highlights. We all agree that a nice cozy fireplace chat with Yorkshireman Morris Lupton from I Am Dead would be lovely, that Veronica Villensey from Overboard! would totally ‘forget’ to get in a round, the cat from Stray would make the perfect beer garden buddy, and that Stanley from The Stanley Parable is definitely the most deserving of a pint. Also, who invited the Goose from Untitled Goose Game?

Next up is our new mailbag section of the pod, where answer listener questions. A big thanks to Pete, Ben, and Jonh H for submitting their Qs for this episode! If you have any burning questions to ask us, you can email us at or hop into the RPS Discord and chuck it in the podcast section. We love hearing from you, so get those in!

For our hyperfixations this week, Liam is enthralled with the social experiment / courtroom drama Jury Duty, Rachel is having fun controlling groups of people with her God-like powers in Humanity, and Rebecca is reading a whole host of Miss Marple books throughout the year with this month's pick being A Pocket Full of Rye.

Indiescovery is a podcast from All music is by Dylan Sitts; the songs are Tahoe Trip, Pool Sticker, and Express Check-in. Thanks for listening!

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