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Come join the RPS community Discord!

Watch out for the puns

Hey, you. Yes, you! You look like you're after a Discord full of decent folks to chat and play games with. May I recommend to you the RPS community Discord? It's been around for yonks but I am today pointing it out again because hey, it's a good time for a good place. I've been on the RPS Discord a while myself, falling into our Destiny 2 clan and then Destiny raiding and well, that's me cursed for life. It's nice.

Along with the Destiny clan, the Discord is home to an active World Of Warships navy, some Monster Hunters, Warframe wearers, Division murderers, a Minecraft server, a channel where people play "guess the game" with screenshots, and a "looking to play" system to help connect people looking to play all sorts of other games. Also, y'know, there are people to chat with about games and stuff.

Discordians also pick a game of the month to try to get people into every month. For April, that's Unreal Tournament 2004 - and tonight is the first big scheduled fragfest.

If you fancy joining, download Discord then click this magic link to join the server. Do read the welcome channel for the rules, remember to be nice, and have a great time. Oh, but do watch out for the puns of your friendly neighbourhood admin, Clavros.

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