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Untitled Goose Game doubles the honks with free co-op next month

Untitled Geese Game?

What could village life more unbearable for Untitled Goose Game's tormented villagers? Another goose, of course. Cooperative multiplayer is coming to House House's breakthrough bird-nuisance romp as a free update next month, letting you tear around town with your fellow feathered friends alongside the game's debut on Steam and Itch.

Free co-op carnage was revealed during Nintendo's Indie Showcase stream today. To their utter disgrace, they haven't renamed the thing "Untitled Geese Game".

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The problem with Untitled Goose Game, really, was that there weren't enough geese in it. Come the free update on September 23rd, you'll be able to have a friend jump in as a second bastard bird. It appears none of the puzzles themselves have been changed, and having another beak on hand might help with some pesky checklist-clearing. But the real sell is in doubling the amount of torment on the scene by adding a second pair of wings.

Even if I think the joke's wearing a little thin these days, Goose Game is still a great wee sandbox puzzler, one Katherine described as bearing striking resemblance to Hitman in her Untitled Goose Game Review. Sure, there's less murder, but you're still throwing a spanner in the gears of intricately-wound AI routines. Double the geese, House House reckon, and you're tossing in twice the spanners.

Untitled Goose Game arrives on Steam and Itch on September 23rd, complete with free co-op. That'll arrive as a free update to folks who've been honking over on the Epic Games Store 'til now.

Honk honk.

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