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Untitled Goose Game's vinyl soundtrack is double-grooved for random tracks


The playful piano of Untitled Goose Game will be inscribed in plastic, creating a physical record of the goose's havoc. To hear the piano is to know the crimes it accompanied. The merchmasters at Iam8bit today announced that the soundtrack's vinyl release will launch on September 29th, and that it has a clever little trick. Just as the game's soundtrack is different every time, the physical pressing is on a dual-groove record, so two different versions are on the same side and you won't know which it will play until you start it rolling on those wheels of steel.

Goose Game's soundtrack, made by Dan Golding based on Claude Debussy's Préludes, is dynamic in the game. It reacts to the goose's japes, going fast and quiet and slow and jaunty when appropriate. The pressed soundtrack can't exactly capture that, but a record with two grooves can capture some of the surprise. It puts two different sound waves into two grooves coiling alongside each other, playing a different track depending on where the needle first hits the vinyl. You might know the idea from Monty Python's ye olde "three-sided" comedy record?

The soundtrack will be available from Iam8bit's store.

September 29th will also be the launch date for new physical editions of Untitled Goose Game on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch but psssh.

Untitled Goose Game was one of our favourite games of 2019. Do read The Mechanic for chat with developers House House about the game's everyday objects.

Disclosure: I know House House a bit. I once shouted at one of them until he ate mayonnaise. I've calmed down a lot since then.

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