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Destructive heist sim Teardown adds free mini-campaign of art crimes

Rob an art museum and steal awards on a quest for revenge

The excellent wall-demolishing heist sim Teardown today launched a free update adding a new mini-campaign starring the daughter of a character from the original campaign. Across the five new missions of Art Vandals, she's out to get revenge on an artist by raiding a modern art museum in a scenic seaside village. New crimes, new crimetools, and a new crimeplace? I thought I had retired but you got me: I'm in.

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The official word is:

In "Art Vandals," players take on the role of Freya Woo – the daughter of Gordon Woo, who features in the original Teardown campaign. You'll visit the picturesque fishing town of Tilläggaryd and its modern art museum with new missions focused on getting revenge against artist Kerstin Stråbäck. Steal her awards, escape with her art and destroy what you need to, all while using powerful new tools like the Paperboy Gun and Jackhammer.

All I know is that from having paid a quick visit to Tilläggaryd myself, oh, I will be sorry to destroy it. You can find Art Vandals in the expansions menu after downloading today's update, though do be warned is recommended for experienced criminals.

Teardown is a good'un, a heist game that's all about setting up the perfect crime by using tools, vehicles, and dynamic destruction to carve a route through the level and hit your objectives as fast as possible. The destruction tech is dead impressive, sure, but Teardown is one of those rare games which turned impressive tech demo GIFs on Twitter into something that's genuinely great fun.

We called Teardown one of our favourite games of 2020, back when it had only recently entered early access. It launched in full earlier this year, having finished the story campaign and added fanciness including a level editor and mod support. The devs say this new mini-campaign "was created as a mod to help introduce players to Teardown's powerful modding systems" and to encourage folks to start making more. Plus we get to enjoy new crimes.

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