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Teardown now has a level editor so you can build before you break

Build your very own smash path

Perhaps it says something about the state of mind around here that early access building smasher Teardown has been quite popular with the RPS hivemind. The extreme destruction crime simulator lets you put your mark on places as you decide the best ways to rip your way through windows, walls, and the like to steal some goods and get out. You can make it even more your own now as Tuxedo Labs have released a level editor for you to build your own smashing sandboxes.

There are a handful of other changes and updates in the Teardown news post, but the big ticket is clearly the level editor which was previously available only on the game's experimental branch. You can now get your hands on it in the main game to begin building your own soon to be destructed environments.

Tuxedo Labs say that they've included the first release of their official asset pack, which should get you started with the level editor. "This first release is focused on industrial assets, think Lee Chemicals," they say. "In future releases, this pack will be expanded to include more goodies." They've pointed out the video tutorial below for a walkthrough on using the editor, though you can skip over the bit about the experimental branch now that it's fully available.

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In his Teardown review, Graham has plenty of good to say about the joy of smashing through a physics sandbox at high speed. "Almost every mission I've played has left the world looking post-apocalyptic by the time I'm finished. If you were to watch my final escape, you would reasonably want to ask why there's a cherry picker half-embedded inside the wall of a water tower, or why my escape route involved swerving around a tipped over cement truck."

Teardown is also one of RPS's favorite games of 2020. Alex Wiltshire even talked with Tuxedo Labs to find out how Teardown became such a great destruction game.

You can find it in early access over on Steam for £18.49/€19.99/$19.99 if you're keen for a bit of smash and grab.

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