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Teardown, the smash-and-grab heist game, now has Steam Workshop support

With over 100 mods available already

I've said it before, but Teardown is that rarest of things: a technological gimmick with a game that utilises it to its full potential. It's a first-person heist 'em up set in an entirely destructible world, in which you must smash and explode routes through buildings to grab your targets and escape before a timer runs out.

Now it has Steam Workshop support, with over 100 mods already available.

Teardown's developers released level design tools alongside the game a few months back, and people have already been hard at work. That's why the Steam Workshop is already well stocked. A developer blog post announcing the update names a few of their favourites, my favourite of which can be seen below.

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It's called The Junkyard, and it offers a car shredder, bulldozer, killdozer, shreddozer, ball and chain crane, monster trucks and more in a junkyard filled with cars. It's a playground, basically - the kind of thing a less impressively designed game might have had to rely on but which Teardown does not. And yet, it looks a blast. All that destruction really is a wonderful bit of technology.

Of course, some people have already added guns to the game. People think they want a standard multiplayer shooter set in a world where buildings can be blown to bits, but I posit that: they do not. People will make it anyway, and it'll be a lot less good or interesting than the base game, but hey-ho.

Teardown is still in early access on Steam, and currently discounted by 20% to £14.79/$16/€16. We named it as one of our favourite games of 2020.

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