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Teardown's Creative Mode lets you build fully destructible dioramas, out today

It's like Minecraft with even smaller blocks

Last week Tuxedo Labs unveiled their snazzy-looking Creative Mode in Teardown, and it's available for you to play right now. The new mode joins the game as part of its 1.4 update, and looks to be all about what it says on the tin - being creative! Essentially, the big thing it lets you do is build your own unique voxel structures by, essentially, painting them in the air. Think of it as a sort of paired back, voxel-focused approach to a piece of 3D modelling software like Blender.

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The trailer for the new mode has some fun with the new mode by making a big King Kong-like gorilla, a dinosaur, and pitting them against each other as the former tries to get its bananas back. You can't make them move or anything like that - you'll see in the trailer that you'll have to attach your creations to things like vehicles if you want them to careen about the place. But it looks like a cute and fun way to set up little dioramas to play around in.

You'll have a whole bunch of materials to work with, such as wood, brick and metal, and you can save all your creations too - once a creation is saved, you can spawn and move them around pretty easily.

Update 1.4 also brings in some changes to the game's API, making things a lot easier for modders when it comes to dynamically changing different constructions. With the changes, modders can now do things like having buildings "autonomously construct themselves," or let a car get rusty.

It should be noted that video game and media holding company Embracer Group acquired Teardown developer Tuxedo Labs last year - notable because Embracer Group recently announced they would be closing a number of studios, and cancelling several games. Tuxedo Labs don't seem to have been affected by this yet, but the scope of the closures remains to be seen.

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