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Teardown is getting Wild West and destruction derby DLC, beginning this November

Four DLC in total planned

Teardown: Time Campers DLC image showing a Steam train crashing into a ravine.
Image credit: Tuxedo Labs

Delightful destructive heist sim Teardown is getting four paid DLCs, with the first to be released on November 15th. It's called Time Campers and will transport players back in time with a caravan to tackle new heists with "old-timey tools and architecture" in the Wild West.

It'll be followed by a second DLC, the destruction derby-focused Folkrace, and two more before the end of 2024.

Time Campers will include a series of missions in a similar vein to the base game, and much of its additions will also be available in Teardown's Sandbox mode.

Folkrace will arrive sometime in the first half of 2024. "This DLC also expands the campaign in Teardown, but rather than following our current campaign format, instead introduces a ton of new vehicles and a series of destructive racing game modes," explains the announcement. "You’ll be challenged against AI drivers and expand your car collection as you win. It will feel like a brand new game in Teardown's voxel world."

Two cars smash together in Teardown's Folkrace DLC.
Image credit: Tuxedo Labs

Alll four DLC will be available as part of a season pass you'll be able to purchase on November 15th, or as individual purchases.

November 15th will also bring a free update that contains French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Simplified Chinese translations, as well as "a ton of optimization work" and support for DirectX 12.

Teardown is about stealing items and making a quick getaway before the fuzz arrive to arrest you. Before you grab the first item and trigger a countdown clock, however, you've got all the time in the world to wander the location and plot your escape route. Or rather, make your escape route, because Teardown's levels are fully destructible, and getting away in time probably means first smashing holes in walls and floors and lining up a series of physics objects and vehicles in strategic positions. It was great, even in Early Access, and I am well up for returning post-release for some capers on cowboy steam trains and in saloons.

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