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How to watch The Game Awards 2022

You can catch The Game Awards livestream on Steam, YouTube, Twitch, and more

Where can I watch The Game Awards 2022? The Game Awards 2022 are taking place today, Thursday, December 8th (or for some, the early hours of Friday, December 9th), with a three-hour show starting at 12:30am GMT / 7:30pm EST / 4:30pm PST.

You can tune into tonight's stream via a number of platforms, but be aware that there are some requirements you need to meet if you're hoping to win yourself a free Steam Deck during the show. Read on below for links to where to view, as well as a handy recap of the things you need to do beforehand if you're planning on entering the giveaway competition.

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How to watch The Game Awards on Steam

If you're interested in winning one of the 180 Steam Decks being given away during the Game Awards this year, you'll need to watch the show live via Steam, which you can reach via one of the following:

There are a few other requirements as well — namely, you need to have signed up for the competition; must live in the US, UK, EU, or Canada; must be logged in to your Steam account on the device you're watching on; and need to have bought a game on the platform sometime between 14th November 2021-14th November 2022.

Where else can I watch The Game Awards 2022?

If you're not out to win a Steam Deck during this year's Game Awards ceremony, you can also choose to tune into the show via a number of other streaming outlets, including:

A full list of the 40+ platforms where you can watch The Game Awards is available on the official site.

Just to reiterate, you won't be eligible to win a free Steam Deck if you watch via one of these channels, even if you meet the other criteria. If you're not taking part, however, you can watch wherever you want, and can even catch up via VODs if you don't fancy staying up to watch the show live.

For more of the latest news and trailers, check out our Game Awards 2022 hub. We also live-blogged the show as it happened right here.

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