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Valve are giving away a Steam Deck every minute during The Game Awards

The awards are expected to last three hours. That's a lot of Steam Decks.

Never ones to be outdone, Valve are partnering with The Game Awards to give away one of their Steam Deck handheld PCs every minute during the three-hour livestream event on December 8th/9th. They're the 512GB model too, so you might want to raise an intrigued eyebrow and nod slowly. If you’re wondering which standouts from 2022 are up for awards on the night itself then here’s a video of host Geoff Keighley saying game names for ten minutes, below.

Cover image for YouTube video🎮🏆 THE GAME AWARDS: 2022 Nomination Announcement with Geoff Keighley 🎮🏆
Keighley, Keighley, he's our man, if he can't read it, no-one can.

Although there were a few initial teething troubles with registration, Valve sorted that out and opened the competition for anyone living in the US, UK, Canada, and the EU. You need to have bought something on Steam in the past year, too. Sorry, everyone else. You’ll have to be watching The Game Awards on Steam to be eligible for the giveaway, and it's worth reading through the competition’s rules if you want to be in for a chance. Even if you don’t win a Steam Deck, you’ll still get a cutesy Steam Pal sticker for taking part. Aww.

There’s only a week left now until The Game Awards kick off. We already know that there’ll be a “special live presentation” from Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida during the livestream. Would be nice to see a release date for FF16 there beyond just summer 2023. If you do manage to nab yourself a Deck during the giveaway, then perhaps consider our James’ picks for the best microSD cards for the Steam Deck to grace your new device.

The Game Awards stream begins on December 8th at 4.30pm PT and December 9th at 12.30am GMT/1.30am CET.

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