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Plug in all the things with this 12-gang power tower

Down to £15 on Amazon UK.

Duronic do a good range of electricals, and today the only one I've actually bought is reduced on Amazon: a 12-gang power tower, basically a power extension lead with a supportive base that points the unit towards the sky. This particular model normally costs £18, but today has been reduced to £14.99.

So why is this worth getting over a standard extension lead? Well, the vertical orientation allows outlets on two sides, which makes it easier to plug things in - especially if your powered objects are in slightly different places. It also minimises floor space usage, helping to prevent you from getting snarled in the cables or standing on the extension. I know I've definitely turned off a few computers by errantly tapping my foot on the power switch, so minimising that risk is fairly essential for me!

I also feel like the vertical orientation helps keep everything cool, as instead of the bulk of the unit resting on the carpet, you will almost certainly have air on all sides to dissipate heat. On the safety aspect, this is also a surge/spike protector, so it could help prevent damage from any electrical issues. There's a green light that lets you know when this protection is active.

Of course, there are some downsides to the form factor as well. The vertical positioning means that it's fairly easy to knock it over, which is unlikely to damage anything but might put some unwanted strain on your power cables - so it's wise to leave a bit of slack to account for this.

Fairly obviously, this is suitable for gaming PCs, but with 12 plugs to play with it'll be easier to run up against the 3000W limit than with two, four or six-gang leads. So don't use this for high-wattage items like hair dryers or kettles; plug these straight into the wall.

I've been quite happy with my unit, so if this seems like the sort of thing that would be useful to you, perhaps consider it while it's on sale.

Is this sort of deal helpful? Do let me know in the comments below.

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