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Solve your storage problems permanently* with this 18TB HDD discounted at Amazon UK

*Until 2023, at least.

OK, this one is ridiculous. I get that. And yet - I'm posting it anyway. This is a deal on an 18TB hard drive from Amazon, a Seagate Exos X18 7200RPM CMR drive that will allow you to install all the games** or back up all the things**, or maybe both. This huge HDD has been reduced to £287, a historic low, which works out as 1.6p per gigabyte - absolutely crazy given the size we're working with here.

**Your mileage may vary, but if you are able to legitimately fill this I will be genuinely impressed.

This 18TB 3.5-inch drive gets good reviews too, with StorageReview rating the slightly smaller 16TB model highly for its random performance and latency compared to other HDDs. "If density and capacity are the main concerns, look no farther at the moment."

a screenshot showing 6,438GB of space required to install multiple steam games.

So what exactly could you install with an 18TB HDD? To find out, I selected all the games in my library and hit install. Not including games that are already installed, this totaled 6.35TB - so I could fit almost three copies of every game I own on Steam - not bad if I was going to live in a nuclear bunker for a few years! And if I went for just one copy, then I'd have room for an archive of every F1 race ever recorded (2.1TB) and all of my cat photos (1.5TB). OK, that last one is a joke.

What uses can you think of for an eff-off-massive hard drive? Or are you completely done with spinning rust? Let me know in the comments below.

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